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You"ll never before understand simply exactly how a lot I miss youYou"ll never recognize simply how much I careAnd if I tried, I still couldn"t hide my love for youYou oughta know for haven"t I told you soA million a much more times, you went awayAnd my heart went with youI stop your name in my eextremely prayerIf tright here is some other method to prove that I love youI swear I do not know howYou"ll never know if you do not recognize nowYou shelp goodbye nowStars in sky refuse to shineTake it from me, it"s no fun to be aloneWith moonlight and also memoriesI stop your name in my every prayerIf tbelow is some other way to prove that I love youI swear I don"t know howYou"ll never know if you don"t know nowYou"ll never know if you do not know now
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