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"Sicko Mode" is a song by Travis Scott off his album Astroworld that was recombined in plenty of videos online.


On August third, 2018, Travis Scott released his 3rd studio album Astroworld, featuring "Sicko Mode" as the third track. Three weeks later on August 21st, Travis Scott released "Sicko Mode," as a solitary. The song features Drake, Swae Lee, and also posthumous vocals from Big Hawk. The video, posted October 1nine, 2018, got over 89 million views (presented below).


The song was Scott"s highest-charting single to day, hitting number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, via a potential to reach number 1.<1> It was critically well-received, as movie critics praised both Scott and also Drake"s flow.<2> Online, the song was the subject of numerous famous posts. For example, a tweet by
whodafrikisnick confirmed a Christmas light display set to the song, gaining over 89,000 retweets, while the video itself was perceived over 3.2 million times (presented below).

Sicko Mode light show, “IT’S LIT!”

— rhymes via dick (
whodafrikisnick) November 26, 2018

Cyranek has actually made several videos using the track; one dubbed "Tiko Mode" referencing TikTok acquired over 137,000 views (shown below, left). Another referred to as "Necko Mode" referencing Charles McDowell"s Mugshot gained over 45,000 views (presented listed below, right).

Other well-known YouTube parodies encompass an edited clip of Spongebob Squarepants posted by Raisean W that got over 50,000 views (presented listed below, left) and also a video clip from Muchdank that mocked Drake"s "Out choose a light lyric," getting over 800,000 views (displayed listed below, right).

Super Bowl LIII SpongeBob Tease
maroon5) January 13, 2019

However before, during the performance, while a clip from the Spongebob episode "Band also Geeks" did show up, it did not introduce "Sweet Win," but quite "Sicko Mode" by Scott. The relocate disappointed Spongebob fans hoping to hear "Sweet Success." Twitter user
TheGunshot25 tweeted their disappointment via a Spongebob picture macro, obtaining over 180 retweets and also 700 likes (displayed listed below, left). Twitter user
antwick posted a reaction guys image about the bait-and-switch that gained over 520 retweets and also 1,200 likes (presented below, right).

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anthonytrucco, that maburned up "Sicko Mode" and also "Sweet Victory" in a September 12th, 2018 tweet that gained over 201,000 retweets and also 410,000 likes. After the Super Bowl, Trucco proclaimed he was given no credit for the idea and also encouraged his followers to share the video till he heard from the NFL.<5>