There is a line from the western movie “Dances With Wolves”…. in which an old dude stumbles upon a extended wagon of pioneers obviously struck by Indians and also all that continues to be is remnants of what had actually been. The old dude mumbles…“Somebody back east is saying, Now Why Don’t He Write?”

As many type of of my faithful readers are aware, I have actually been posting about Ozzie and also Harriet.

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It’s been a small over 1 week since Ozzie the Eagle, of “Ozzie and Harriet” fame….was released from his rehabilitation facilities……(view “featured video” in the top best corner of my residence web page if you are not aware of Ozzie’s injury)… yet sadly, still no authorize of his return to the nest location.

Everyone, and also I perform suppose everyone, who has actually complied with these 2 majestic eagles via their mate for life experiences, are a little concerned.

You see, a few weeks after their last two eagallows were born….(one died in the nest), Ozzie met via an accident.

Luckily, Ozzie was found and determined and also hopes were high that his “shoulder” injury (with correct care) could heal and also he would certainly be able to fly again… and he would certainly reunite through his beloved Harriet in their colony.

However, Harriet did not know what occurred to Ozzie… and also she stayed mom and father to the last eaglet which stayed through her a small much longer than most eagallows would.

Harriet had to fend for herself and her offspring, Eaglet 6 (E6).

All Harriet kbrand-new was her mate was gone….she had actually the instinct to make it through and to incertain the survival of E6. This motherly instinct overpowered her obvious sorrow over the loss of Ozzie.

True to females everywhere….she ended up being the sole provider and also defender of the swarm. Harriet might feeling the existence of miscellaneous Eagles entering her territory learning she could loss prey to any type of strike. She required Ozzie.

Throughout the 3 months of Ozzie’s rehabilitation, Harriet scanned the skies for Ozzie daily…yet tbelow was no means to let her recognize that her mate was alive and being cared for in a facility not to far from their reproduction grounds.

And then he came along….FV…the younger, Frequent Visitor!

Fans of Ozzie and Harriet’s video cam picked his name. FV….and Harriet allowed the visitation to her swarm by this younger stranger. Perhaps she didn’t feel endangered as he was younger than a lot of of the various other Eagles circling above her swarm.

Fans were pertained to around Ozzie and on Father’s Day…a tribute was written:

“The excellent and mighty Ozzie deserves peak honors on Father’s Day. He has actually been a loyal mate to Harriet and dedicated Father to their offspring over their many type of years as a bonded pair. Ozzie has actually shown fierceness in the protection of his household and also area together with tenderness in caring for his young. He has been a wonderful provider and also a grasp colony builder for his household.”

Yes, Ozzie has actually exhibited his strong capacity to permajor in the challenge of adversity. He sustained his household via trials and tribulations in the loss of 2 of their Eaglets and the everyday struggles of Eagle life. Ozzie ended up being a celebrity!

On June 17th, 2015….Ozzie was released from his rehabilitation. He had been flying roughly his enclocertain for several weeks through no authorize of weakness in his shoulder.

This majestic eagle required to the skies as quickly as the gate was opened for him and he soared to great heights. Onlookers adhered to and watched as he flew to a acquainted perch on a tall pole in his previous area.

We wanted the reunion to happen immediately…we wanted the life lengthy pair to view each other and also fly to their colony and continue their journey together. We wanted the happily ever after.

But tright here has been no reunion. Experts say to be patient. Ozzie demands to “size” up what has actually been happening in his absence.

Harriet and also FV proceed their everyday routine of hunting/fishing and light “nest”orations.

To make the wait a little more anxious….lightening damaged the video cams and also they will certainly not be able to repaired any kind of time shortly.

There are still unknowns…however what we carry out understand is that the great and mighty Ozzie has actually his flexibility to soar the skies as soon as aget. What a joy to watch.

Spotters who continually watch the colony say tright here has actually been no certain sighting of Ozzie!

However before, that does not truly mean that Ozzie has actually left his territory.

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This wonderful Eagle has made it through for many type of years relying on his instincts, simply as Harriet has actually relied on hers.