Moving Forward. That is a idea I have actually been taught given that I was young. Whenever I saw my father or my Grandfather for advice in life they would constantly tell me, “Just save moving forward.” It was the solution to practically eextremely difficulty I would require to them, and also over time I began to understand also why. We go through a lot in life. We go through change and difficult points and also loss and also sorrow and also happiness and also joy and also then change aget. It is a never finishing stream of transforms in our stays. And whatever transforms come, and no matter exactly how hard they are, the best thing we deserve to do to maneuver them is to just save moving forward. Somejust how as soon as we relocate forward we uncover ourselves gaining with it – once we move forward we get through hard times. When we move forward we cope through adjust. When we move forward we progression and also advancing is what life is for.

This last week was an excellent one for me. Last weekend was my birthday and also my husband also and my 2 youngsters took me to Phoenix to spend time together and then I took my children to the One Direction concert which I composed around last week. We had an amazing time with our children and it was so nice to spend 4 days with them because I have missed them so a lot given that they left to college. Then on Wednesday the children flew back to college and my husband and also I flew to Lake Powell to join four various other couples for a couple’s only expedition on our friend’s housewatercraft. I was so sad to say goodbye to the kids…I hated to see them go again bereason it was so good to spend time together. But I kbrand-new they had to gain ago to their classes and also we had actually to obtain to Powell to satisfy our friends. This was going to be our initially time to Powell without any type of youngsters through us and I wondered if it would make me feel also sadder that I am an empty nester now, but that is not what taken place at all. We had a wonderful time through the various other couples and it was so fun to spend time with my husband also as a “couple” quite than “mom and dad”, if that makes sense. We were favor a pair on a team day and also it was awesome! Don’t gain me wrong, I love being “mother and dad” more than anypoint, yet I am realizing that this next chapter of life is going to allow my husband and I to be more of a “couple” aobtain and we gain to go on days and also couples trips and also all kinds of fun points. And so probably this life of being an empty nester wouldn’t be ALL poor after all…

I love the quote in the title of today’s blog: “You can’t begin the following chapter of your life if you save re-analysis the last one.” It is such an excellent reminder that we must let go of holding on to the previous and rather start moving forward to the future with hope, anticipation, and excitement for the positive things that are going to come, bereason they will certainly indeed come if we watch for them.

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I am grateful for the fun week I had last week and also for the reminder it provided me to stop re-analysis the past chapters of my life as a mother and start living the next chapter of my life with full force and also excitement. Life is amazing and wonderful and also a truly grand adundertaking.

It’s the start of a terrific brand-new week! Let’s live it to the fullest!!!