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Which of the complying with is correct?

Yesterday, I met one of my friends. Yesterday, I met among my friend.


It"s "among my friends". The other alternative would certainly be ungrammatical.

To spice it up a little, here are the stats from the Corpus of Conshort-lived Amerideserve to slrfc.org and the British National Corpus:

COCA BNCamong my friends 251 40one of my friend 0 0one of your friends 58 6among your friend 0 0among our friends 40 7one of our friend 0 0among his friends 182 60one of his friend 0 0


It would certainly quite be "one of my friends".

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Depending on the case, you might want to usage "a frifinish of mine":



Think of it this way: If you didn"t have actually a number of friends, you wouldn"t must be specifying that you only met one frifinish. "One of" is indicating a specific member out of a set through multiple members in it, so it"s correct to use the plural form: "One of my friends." If you only have one frifinish full, then you have the right to simply say "Yesterday, I met my friend."

Similarly, once you turn it about thus:

One of my friends is meeting me later

then it"s correct to use the singular verb develop, because you"re still only talking around one perboy. (Many world acquire puzzled bereason "friends", plural, is appropriate next to the verb "is", yet "One" is the true topic of the sentence.)

With the feasible exception of set phrases, once you say one of , is supplied in the plural form.

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