I sleep in rented beds and also my bed in Jorrvaskr (through the Companions) and no matter just how lengthy I sleep I don"t get the alert that I"m rested or well rested anyeven more.

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I"ve looked at my energetic results to check for Lycanthropy or Vampirism and all I have are positive impacts.

I have slept in rented beds immediately after receiving blessings and having actually all conditions cured at the shrine of Mara.

What are other reasons I might not be able to gain rested or well rested?



You"ve got the Lover"s Stone active.

It does not stack through the Rested / Well Rested / Lover"s Comfort results.


One of the results of being a Werewolf is

Beast Blood Becoming a Werewolf bestows the Beast Blood ability, which grants a 100% resistance to all diseases in both human and also beastern creates, but dispermits you to acquire relaxing bonoffers.

as provided right here.

Beast Blood is detailed as a positive effect under Active Effects for its 100% Resistance to Disease however the absence of restful sleep is an unlisted side effect.

One of the feasible bugs found after being cured is not receiving the well rested status as explained in this article.

Fixes to the bug are described in that short article and under the Cure area found here

Another opportunity might be that you have actually the Lover Stone Active Effect. You cannot get the Well Rested Effect if you already have the bonus from the Stone as detailed both in this section describing sleep and in this section under "Notes" for the Stone"s impact.

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I had actually the very same difficulty (never before being able to obtain any kind of "rested" bonus) and uncovered that was a stuck search calledPlayerSleepQuest.

Due to the fact that almost eextremely scripted activity in Skyrim is a "quest" of some kind (at least internally), it"s feasible that a previous execution of the manuscript did not complete properly; I"ve found this have the right to occur from a crash or also utilizing "qqq" from the command also shell to fast-quit. In addition, you have the right to only have actually one instance of any type of provided quest energetic at a time.

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Luckily the solution is pretty simple:

From your present game, usage the ~ vital to enter the commandconsingle.Type aid PlayerSleepQuest to gain the questID. It need to be 000FC1A2, but if your"s is various for some odd factor, then be certain to usage whatever ID is displayed for the staying procedures.Type stopquest 000FC1A2 (push Enter) Type resetpursuit 000FC1A2 (push Enter)

The following time you sleep, the PlayerSleepQuest should activate properly and also carry out the appropriate feedago on display screen and be displayed in your energetic powers list.

(Disclaimer: I have absolutely no concept exactly how doing this can communicate through any presently active Lycanthropy or Vampirism character state! Be certain to have a good/well-known conserve to revert to must things go haywire!)