“You’re always wearing your letters.” I’m sure it’s not simply my residence that I have actually heard this from. Our chapter president and standards favor to constantly remind us that wherever before we go we are representing our house and need to behave appropriately. And it’s an excellent point they do bereason we desire to be great representatives of our chapter and also not reflect on an entire residence of womales negatively. However, we constantly say that you can’t judge a perkid by their particular sorority or fraternity and also you can’t judge a sorority or a fraternity by one perchild. What we don’t realize, though, is how being in any sorority or fraternity deserve to look as soon as we’re walking in the keep, the airport, the gym, and, most importantly, in classes and also on campus. 

I’ll admit that in the previous I haven’t provided much thought to wearing letters on campus. As a college student, I have actually absolutely woken up ten minutes before my course, thrown on jeans and the first sweater I can discover, and acquired out of my apartment as quick as I can. However before this year, I began taking a couple of upper division courses, and initially noticed various habits once world would certainly look at the letters on my shirt. I had actually an suffer wright here a male student in one of my 5000 level classes looked at me on the first day of class in a sorority formal shirt and also asked which course I was searching for. I didn’t think as well much of it until I responded with the name of the course, he looked surprised then laughed and shelp, “Wow, I wouldn’t suppose to watch a sorority girl in here”. I didn’t finish up responding bereason I didn’t want to make a negative impression on the professor on the initially day of classes, yet what he shelp stuck to me. Do world really assume that a whole neighborhood need to be unintelligent bereason we belong to a social organization? I’m certain the student didn’t realize that Greeks are involved in eextremely single major across campus, many members of each residence are on the honor roll, and also that we host a greater GPA than a lot of various other institutions and campus as a whole…however I realized that wasn’t the suggest.

I understand also that many type of civilization, consisting of Greeks, have actually not had negative experiences through therapy on campus, however, unfortunately, this issue is still incredibly common. I had actually a sister share via me her suffer of waiting at a Trax soptimal wearing her letters, and also a group of males whistled at her and also shelp, “Damn, a sorority girl! I hear you all have most fun? Does that expect you’ll do anything?” This might not have actually been a campus-connected event but it is still absolutely not okay. Womales and also guys have to not feel unsafe or uncomfortable simply for bearing the letters of their organization. Nor need to they be judged on their intelligence, interests, or personal life because of what world have seen on TV or perceive to be true. I’ve had the privilege to work with Panhellenic sisters who have actually interned with the White House, published research study in science and medical journals, and also began their own service providers.

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The letters they wear on their chest should be a positive correlation and reflection on their home and on the Greek community. However before, we need to remember that the end of the day, you’re always wearing your letters — however they are not tright here to define you.