Can I have actually...Could I have actually...Can I acquire...

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The last one has actually a slightly Amerideserve to feel to me, yet is still offered a lot right here.

If you desire to be even more polite, you simply might include "please".


If you want to be polite and concise, a common expression is "May I have...?":

May I have actually a cup of coffee?

If you want to be especially polite, then you can add "please" somewbelow in there:

May I please have actually a cup of coffee?


May I have actually a cup of coffee, please?

Of course, if we"re talking about word count right here, then including "please" will make it simply as wordy as what you argued. You observed that even more polite often tends to indicate even more wordy, which is mainly the situation. Placing even more emphasis on formality often tends to require more words, in basic.

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