How to make Jordan Belfort Costume

1White Pique Polo Shirt Look ‘rich but not trying too hard’ with a white polo shirt.

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2Stone Straight-fit Pants Tuck in your polo shirt into a pair of simple light khaki pants.
3White Loafers Match your ultra-clean and pristine outfit with a pair of white loafers.
4Black Polarized Sunglasses Don’t forget to bring along a pair of black sunglasses for added luxurious looks.
5Black Leather Belt Accessorize with a black leather belt.
6Gold Wrist Watch Wear a gold wrist watch as a symbol of your wealth.
7Gold Ring Don’t forget your opulent gold ring.
8Money Prop What’s the thing Jordan’s most obsessed with? Money. So bring some along.

Jordan Belfort is the epitome of the corrupt and luxe-living 1980s Wall Street businessman. And Leonardo DiCaprio makes a very convincing charismatic broker when he portrayed this real-life person on the big screen. What more is there to say for the story than ‘greed is good’?

Jordan Belfort is known for his custom-measured suits and rich, suburban dad outfits. For this costume, he wears a white polo shirt, khaki pants, loaders, and black sunglasses.

About Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is also known for his roles in Inception, The Departed, and Titanic.

Check out these sites to read more about Jordan Belfort and the other characters from The Wolf of Wall Street:


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