Neopia"s been around for quite some time, and also it has quite the storied previous. Relive some of the olden days by permaking use of via our history exhibits listed below.

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Neopets Wise Old King To win this game, you’ll have to impress King Hagan with some wisdom! Using the set of words gave, you carry out your “words of wisdom” to the King and try to obtain a high score. Gamings Room - Wise Old King. We carry out not manage your destination"s webwebsite, so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense units will certainly be different.

By Year

Did you recognize that on March 23, 2004, Sponge was announced as a Lab Ray just colour? Or exactly how about that the initially photographed Caption Contest was released on July 7, 2010?

All that and also even more is documented in the year-by-year timelines below. Neopets on ipad.

More History

Jun 21, 2010 Drat! It looks choose your joke had actually no result on the Grumpy Old King. Both times this particular day. So no avatar for me this day.:( I gained the other Grumpy King one quickly, exact same through the Wise King. But I just can not seem to gain the Jester one. Monthly Hi-Score Tables. Trophy Cabinet High-Score Tables My Scores. Remember, every night we award 750 Neopoints for the optimal score of eincredibly game, 500 for second, and 250 for 3rd location. These high-scores are reset on the initially of each month, however the scores in your user lookup are never deleted. Wise Old King (minimum score: 757 points). Jun 17, 2010 Wise Old King King Hagan lis10s contently to your words of wisdom. "Never trust success are comparable to the power of a team of spooky Usuls," you declare perceptively. He ponders all that you have actually said. Well, it can have been worse. King Hagan Says: I"m.

There"s more to Neopian history than just days. Check out the sections below to read up on old characters, old games, and some scrapped Neopet colours.

Flash Preservation


As Flash involves the finish of its life time in 2020, we are doing what we have the right to to keep Neopian content that has been produced in Flash. Below, you will uncover various collections of old Flash-based content that have been converted right into contemporary layouts for your viewing enjoyment.

For more information, check out our overview to the End of Flash Support.

Neopets Wise Old King

To win this game, sindicate tell the King a funny joke! Using the sets of words gave, you should enter both a question and answer to your joke, prior to going off to try it on King Skarl. You can play this game twice a day. The King also takes breaks three times a day. You won’t have the ability to uncover him from 8-9 a.m. NST, 1-2 p.m. NST and 7-8 p.m. NST.

Grumpy Old King Cheats

This game is entirely random. Don’t waste you time pondering on entering logical jokes and answers, as it just doesn’t issue. Because you’re enabled to play the game twice a day and bereason the game is random, it’s much easier to just refresh on King Skarl’s reactivity page and also retell your original joke than going back to make up a whole new one, however you deserve to if you want. Prizes for making the King laugh can selection from items to a random amount of neopoints. Tbelow are a few items that are just available from this game however:

Bowl of YuckChicken Leg WingGolden StalkHot Crossed BunsKing Skarls SnowbunnyMorris PlushieRoyal Cheese BreadSkarl Collectable CharmSkarl FruitSkarl KebabSkarl Royal CrownSkarl Royal ShieldSkarl Royal FlagSnargan PlushieTail Bone

Grumpy Old King Avatars and Trophies

The gracious King Skarl provides 2 avatars to be won, if your joke is up to par. The initially is “Blumaroo – Court Jester.” To win this avatar, you have to enter this certain joke: “What execute you do if fierce Peophins has actually eaten as well much tin of olives?” The answer to the joke deserve to be anypoint and also to attain the avatar, the King need to laugh hysterically. Unfortunately, this is still random bereason at some point the King will certainly not laugh at all at this joke. This avatar is taken into consideration the harder to win of the two.

The second avatar is awarded once you are thrown out of the castle for informing the King a bad joke. In response to your joke, the King will certainly decree “Leave my kingdom now! *Grrrrrrrr*” and also you will be awarded the “Skarl – Moody” avatar.

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"Maybe following year won"t be a 21 and over party," she says, laughing. Many kind of parental fees do play Neopets via their kids, Lord states, and also she"s hoping they"ll be able to tap right into that and also make the whole endure as family-friendly as feasible. 20th anniversary quotes.

If you’re very lucky, you might make the King laugh difficult enough to finish up on the high score table, which could land you a shiny trophy. The simplest means to attempt a trophy is just to be certain to play the day-to-day on the initially of the month when trophy scores reset.