How did the end of the Hundred Years" War in 1453 assist spreview the Renaissance throughout northern Europe?
It raised printing speed while reducing cost, enabling printed ideas to spread even more commonly and also conveniently.

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By 1500, Renaissance ideas were greatly being spcheck out throughout Europe throughspeeches.publications.recordings.political leaders.
How did the finish of the Hundred Years" War in 1453 aid spcheck out the Renaissance throughout northern Europe?It enabled France to focus on the Renaissance.It enabled Spain to emphasis on the Renaissance.It permitted Germany type of to focus on the Renaissance.It allowed Russia to focus on the Renaissance.
The Italian battles that began in 1494 assisted spcheck out Renaissance concepts toPortugal.Spain.England also.France.
Differing interpretations of the Holy bible by Christians in Europe eventually led tothe Redevelopment.the Hundred Years" War.the Babsence Plague.the Italian battles.
A Northern Renaissance writer that criticized the Catholic Church wasWilliam Shakespeare.Jan van Eyck.Albrecht Dürer.Desiderius Erasmus.
A Northern Renaissance writer who applied humanistic ethics to the theater wasDesiderius Erasmus.William Shakespeare.Thomas More.Hans Holbein.
A Northern Renaissance artist that also publiburned books wasThomas More.Hans Holbein.Jan van Eyck.Albrecht Dürer.
Where did Italian artists and also authors flee for safety and security during the Italian wars?northern Europesoutherly EuropeNorth AmericaSouth America
After many people began reading and interpreting the Bible, theybegan to support the Church"s teachings.started to obstacle the Church"s teachings.ignored the Church.abandoned the Church.
The Italian Renaissance spread across Europe in the late 1400s throughreligion.urbanization.newspapers.farming.
William Shakespeare"s plays contributed to Renaissance society bysatirizing the Catholic Church.describing a perfect society.creating complex personalities.developing both publications and art.

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The graph mirrors the number of publications printed in Europe between 1400-1800.A conclusion that can be attracted from the graph is that the demand also for publications increasedslightly in between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.slightly between the seventeenth and also eighteenth centuries.sharply between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.sharply between the eighteenth and also nineteenth centuries.
Which book can many type of civilization review for the first time because of the Gutenberg press?UtopiaRepublicHamletthe Bible
Which ideal describes printing before the invention of the Gutenberg printing press?a long, expensive processa short, expensive processa lengthy, inexpensive processa brief, inexpensive process
The picture shows a painting by Han Holbein the Younger called The Ambassadors.Based on the paint, which best says just how Holbein contributed to the Northern Renaissance?
How did the end of the Hundred Years" War in 1453 help spread the Renaissance throughout northern Europe?
The popularity of the Gutenberg push in Europe made books more obtainable and also urged people to desire to learn how to
The graph shows the number of books published in Europe in between 1400-1800.A conclusion that have the right to be attracted from the graph is that the demand for publications increased

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