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Gap combat and trading sim Star Citizen will certainly never before abandon its Windows COMPUTER launch plans or strip amethod effective functions for a console release, Chris Roberts composed in a short article on the game"s forums.

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The post addresses fan outcry complying with the release of a photo showing a PlayStation 4 dev kit on chief technical officer Jason Spangler"s desk. Backers of Star Citizen"s Kickstarter campaign — the most effective crowdcapital project in background — expressed issue the that game would jump from a Windows PC release to Sony"s next-gen console. Roberts assured fans in his post that this was not the instance.

"Star Citizen is a PC game," he wrote. "It will certainly never before be dumbed down for a lesser platdevelop. We will certainly NOT limit the input alternatives or supported peripherals to the lowest widespread denominator. We will NOT pass on functions and innovation simply bereason they will just run on some hardware configurations.

"The COMPUTER platform is good bereason it isn"t static," he continued. "It doesn"t have actually rules or some regulating entity that decides what will certainly and will not be in the eco device. If a cool brand-new disruptive technology choose the Oculus Rift comes alengthy it can have a chance to acquire traction and end up being the following massive point.

"Therefore Star Citizen will constantly be generally a COMPUTER game and also will take on the best and also newest tech."

Roberts added that Star Citizen will certainly never before be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and also developer Roberts Gap Industries currently has actually no plans to launch the game on PS4 and also Xbox One. He included that if Sony and Microsoft start permitting open up advance on their next-gen platdevelops, he would take into consideration bringing his game to the consoles.

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"Why? Well bereason then they are fundamentally inexpensive small create variable Computers via a practice operating mechanism concentrated on gaming and that wouldn"t want a bigger community of Star Citizens?" he composed. "If Sony or Microsoft are willing to let their platform be open, then I watch no actual distinction in between them or Valve"s Steambox, a Mac or a COMPUTER running Linux, every one of which are platforms that I do not think this area would certainly mind supporting as they are all viewed as PCs."

Roberts added that Sony "chased us dvery own to give us some dev kits to play through," but he has been "extremely clear" concerning what would certainly relocate him to publish to PS4.