Hey men,I was checking to view what you men in the cold weather claims are making use of in your water or on your strip washers to proccasion ice build up on the glass when the temps are below 20 ish. Right currently we are utilizing windshield washer liquid or methol alcohol/metholine and we are simply pouring it onto the spilgrimage washer. Is there an extra effective way to carry out this? I feel favor we are putting the additive all over the ground and being very wasteful. I am thinking perhaps a seperate bucket that holds the windshield washer liquid or metholine. What are you men using? And are you including it to your water or is tbelow a different method?Thanks for the help.Eric

I add enough methanol to save my solution from freezing. I put that solution in a bottle I bring on my tool belt. When I uncover an area wright here I require more antifreeze I can simply include more methanol to my bottle and rise it’s efficiency. I usage much less methanol this means and also I have the right to change the antifreeze volume in small batches.I usage methanol bereason the windshield washer fluid has actually damaging soap and also that crummy blue dye.

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We use rubbing alcohol added to our water. Use around 1 cup of alcohol to 1 gallon of your cleaning solution. This will certainly store the water from freezing to about 0 levels F. Use even more if it is colder than that.

Keeping your mixture in a bucket will assist cut down waste considering that you can let the excess go earlier right into the bucket. Unfortunately dirt from the mop will certainly cut dvery own the life of your mixture, so you’ll be shelling out even more for provides. But it’s better to still make pretty decent money than to simply throw in the towel when cold weather comes.

I must include that I don’t put my sexpedition washer in my bucket anyeven more. I include solution w/ my bottle as required.

Freezing temps don’t last more than a day or two so I just wait for it to heat up!The only exterior task I perform when it’s freezing is fish. A nice cold front really stacks the speckled trout up in the deep canals.


when I was living in the north, I offered to mix the meth in the water in a closed container and also left it in a large tote container. I would certainly wrap the water container in electrical heat tape so it would certainly not freeze in the truck. I just use around 1/2 gallon of water at a time and pour the heat water once I needed it.

When I am transporting gallons of water in a tank, I put a livestock “pond” heater I bought from the tractor supply store into the tank and also plug it right into the power supply box in the truck.

Growing up on a farm had its advantages…well, other than when I had actually to obtain out prior to sunup and also reduced holes in the pond through an axe so the cows and also horses might drink out in the field

If you are going to usage any of these chemicals to keep water from freezing don’t forget to wear some gloves. That stuff have the right to be nasty on the skin.

I use windshield wiper fluid. It depends on exactly how cold it gets. Sometimes you can mix it 50/50 through water and it won’t freeze. You have the right to kind of readjust as the temp execute and also I try and also use as much water as feasible. I also adjust my approaches and bring a gallon of water/WWFluid roughly with me and pour on the washer as required. If you’re careful you won’t be wasteful. I absolutely hate spfinishing money if it’s not necessary so I’m genuine mindful when pouring it on my mop.

If you have employees you make some kind of catalyst to usage much less wiper liquid. When I functioned for FISH we had an employee who would certainly pour 2 gallons in the bucket, job-related favor fifty percent a day and also then dump everything, and carry out the very same point the following day. I can usage 2 gallons and also it would last me all week. If it’s super cold I simply use ordinary wiper fluid. I also put a few drops of soap in because washing via straight fluid sucks (no glide).

I’m simply up the road from you in Billings, I use Rubbing Alcohol. $2.49 a quart at Walmart. I pour a quart in with my regular water/soap solution, and test it, if it freezes, I’ll pour even more in, test aget till it stops freezing. ONLY for outsides. Keep a sepaprice bucket and washer for insides bereason that Isopropyl stuff really stinks up a location, that being said, I still like that smell to the smell of methyl or denatured.

Also, I’m at residence on the internet rather of working, so there’s that to think about…

We usage a mixture of windshield liquid, water, and also GG3. If the weather is below 20 degrees F we usage only windshield liquid and also your typical amount of GG3.

We are founding to obtain into winter here, the temp this day was below 20 degrees with 20 mile an hour wind.

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The wind is the other point. I can clean home windows as soon as it is 0 if the sun is out and also no wind. The winter wind is what will certainly sideline this agency. The ice cold wind renders cleaning exterior home windows impossible.