help! to provide some background, i"ve been dancing for 13 years, been routinely asked to dance by some of the finest dancers in the civilization, and also always been told "you"re so light!".yet all of a sudden, i"m plague-woguy. it"s a fairly new scene to me (8 months), yet i recognize everyone to say hi to currently. i acquired with the initially couple of quiet months wbelow people dont understand you, to a happy suggest wbelow i was virtually obtaining my limbs ripped off by men asking me at the exact same time, sharing me and so on yet currently, all of a sudden, i"m only gaining asked to dance eextremely 4th song or so! ok, i"m not a newbie, so i know the basic rules:stand in a good spot, smile and relocate to the music choose you"re keen to dance, dont sit dvery own, always say yes to dance invitationssmell nice, but not overpoweringly perfumed and have minty breathdress femininely and also like you understand what you"re doing, consisting of dance shoesmake eye call and also smile at guys who come in the direction of youask guys for dancesbe light to lead and dont prioritise styling over followinghave actually fun and display your partner a good time, smilegive thanks to your partner for the dancesay "sorry" once your partner makes a leading error (i"m not proud, LOL)i may have forgained a pair, however trust me, by currently i recognize them all. i"ve sought feedago from males who offered to ask me and also dont anymore, and gotten none. so, i"ve run via this list in my head:because i was dancing so a lot with one particular "alpha" man, that guys think i only want to dance via him?whether some men dance through girls to flirt (and also inevitably acquire laid), and also theyve currently understand i dont carry out that - except for OTT flirting in the dance itself? ;whether i was styling too much, and also that was making my adhering to slow-moving and heavy? perhaps cuz sometimes world watch me dance and also it provides some males nervous? i"ve heard guys are intimidated by my "good dancing" (however because as soon as did a male ever concern around dancing or dating "over his level"?)cuz various other teachers dont want to attract attention to me by dancing with me? i"ve been sweating more, recently? yet have actually been altering clothing and also drying off too.cuz various other girls are prettier?cuz i"m "also fat" for some guys" taste?i have actually body odour or poor breath? (am fresh out of the shower, scented body lotion, clean apparel, deoderant, just enough perfume, brumelted teeth, floss, mouthwash, gum)it"s making me crazy....two weeks in a row, for one song eincredibly single various other female dancer was on the floor, and also i was standing on my very own at the edge, with spare guys approximately. that"s never happened to me, also once i was a beginner. i"ve asked for feedearlier, and no-one will certainly offer me any type then i"m paranoid that it"s somepoint really bad. i made a plan to lead a womale eincredibly time a male doesnt ask me, but theyre mainly such carthorses! it"s favor leading via treacle....and these are the girls that are gaining asked to dance instead of me. once i initially came, i asked men whenever before no-one asked me, yet i dont desire to ask currently, bereason i understand they recognize i"ll happily dance with them any type of time they ask me. i desire dances, however i dont want to dance via human being that dont want to dance with me/wont gain our dance.i might never before live anywhere that doesnt have actually a salsa scene, however properly that"s what"s happening....there are dancers, however not for me. also the dances i am obtaining are spoiled...i cant let go/gain, bereason i"m becoming paranoid around my dancing. which will go right into a downward spiral if i cant dance. if i cant deal with this problem - i"m giving it till xmas - i will certainly be relocating countries, which i otherwise really dont want to, please!!!! any/all suggestions and/or possible explacountries gratetotally obtained.

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Sep 23, 2008
1. People have the right to smell inprotection, just choose dogs have the right to smell are afraid 2. Ups and also downs are organic, just ride the wave3. Trying too hard when you perform acquire asked will certainly just make you unhappy and spoil the dance4. Screw the totality lot of them, just ask guys to dance. You are tbelow for you, not for them, so take what YOU want
bailar y tocarSon Montuno
Sep 23, 2008
I"ll include even more basic questions:Did the proportion in the club/scene/city flip ? (from even more leads to more follows)Did the playlist change to much less salsa ? (heavy merengue,bachata, reggaeton rotations might flip the proportion, view above)Did the club come to be even more of a accomplish market and less of a dance scene ?Is tright here some sort of "inner circle" in the scene ? (obviously difficult to answer that if you are not in it, a hint can be that "good" dancers seem to socialize even more than dance unless a really excellent song comes on).

You sound so self conscious, so chances are it has actually nopoint directly to carry out through you. I say go ask the males you reap dancing through to dance. And if that doesn"t job-related out then pertained to Toronto and also we"ll welcome a lovely, light folreduced that smells nice and is that aware, with open arms:-D
Sep 23, 2008

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did you say prior to that you are teaching? possibly its intimidation (or a not short enough top ). you look vaguely familiar...i think i may have dance with you. have you been in london in the last 3 years?