Is tbelow a reason I must use bare copper instead of THWN for a grounding electrode conductor (e.g. bonding water pipes and ground rods; not an equipment grounding conductor)?

I cannot discover almost everywhere that says THWN have to be run inside conduit/raceway once offered as a grounding electrode conductor. Section 250.62 shows the conductor can be "solid, stranded, insulated, extended, or bare" and also 4 and also 6 awg THWN are mainly cheaper in my area than bare copper (both solid and also stranded), so I"m just wondering if tbelow is some section of code I am absent or a practical reason to like a bare conductor considering that bare wire seems to be in wide usage for this objective wbelow I look.

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No, tbelow is no reason. It is your alternative.

In larger sizes bare wire is commonly cheaper. Why pay for insulation when you do not have to.

The Code does not call for bare it permits you to select.

Good luck!


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