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Looking for a song through the cho having these words:So, why should I issue, why should I are afraid, that incredibly same Jesus remains constantly near....... ....till the storm passes by.many thanks for the assist.
(vs 1)Out on the water, the storm raging high, the waters roughly them, troubled their mind,With fear in their heart, they believed they can die, they faibrought about remember, the understand was ni-gh.He spoke the word; the winds all stood still, even the waters, obeyed his will certainly.He"ll calmed their storms, just favor he will mine, If i"ll just remember, he lives deep insi-ide.(chorus)Why need to i issue, why have to i fear, that extremely exact same Jesus, he remains always close to.He stays in my heart, he hears once i cry; I"ll speak to on the grasp till the storm passes by.(vs 2)I check out in the bible, exactly how he walked through them, lugged light to the darkness, when the way flourished dim,How Great it would be, to have his step leading mine, to walk through the grasp, all of the ti-ime.But then trouble came, death was so nigh, they tried to find the understand, hoping he"d acquire tright here on time.So when im in trouble, my bodies in pain, All i have to perform, is speak to on his na-me.(repeat chorus)--- hope this helps, it may not be specific tho, just my understanding of the words, if you understand it different post earlier and also let me know!!! ive been looking for the lyrics myself all day!

Why have to I problem, why should I fear....

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Postby Guest » Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:20 pm

Till The Storm Passes ByVerse:1Out on the waters storms raging high,the waters approximately them were trouble that night,are afraid filled their hearts they felt they would certainly die,they faibrought about remember that the Master was nigh,He spoke the words and also winds all stood stilleven the waters obey His will certainly,He calmed their storms choose He will certainly mine,if I simply remember He resides deep inside.Course:Why must I concern why need to I fear,once the incredibly same Jesus He continues to be constantly close to,He stays in my heart and also He hears once I cry,I"ll speak to on His name till the storm passes by.Verse: 2We review in the Bible as soon as He walked via them,lugged light to the darkness once the method thrived dim,how excellent it would be to have His footsteps in mine,and walk through the Master every one of the time,and also when trials come and also fatality seems so nigh,I"ll contact on the Master I understand He"ll obtain tbelow on time,and when sickness comes and my body"s in painall I need to perform is contact on His name.