When I turn on my Xbox 360, I have the right to hear the fan working and the green light in the middle transforms on, however there is no video output to the TV. My Xbox has been working perfectly fine until currently. The AC adapter"s light is orange as soon as the Xbox is off, and turns green once I turn the Xbox on. I am able to open up and also close the disc tray, but nothing happens as soon as I insert a game.

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Does anyone know what the trouble might be?



First, and also simplest, point to attempt is resetting the Display settings - per the Xbox Webwebsite, the steps are:

Rerelocate any discs from the disc tray.Turn off the consingle.Turn on the consingle.Keep in mind If you are utilizing an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, revolve on the console by using the Guide button on the controller. Make sure that you usage the player 1 controller as soon as you perform this. The player 1 controller will certainly have the upper-left light illuminated.As the consingle starts, on the controller, press and also organize Y while pulling the ideal create. The display screen settings are reset to the default settings, and then the consingle automatically restarts.

If that falls short, the HDMI cord may be faulty - if you have actually any kind of others, try a different cord.


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