I finished my video. On my PC it looks fine, smooth, sharp. After uploading to Youtube it simply looks prefer shit. I know youtube compresses it much more. But other videos on youtube dont look by far that negative.

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Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9k9XaBcAg

I provided Adobe Premiere. Rendering H264, 1080p, 60fps, VBR 2, Bitrate 40mb/s, max high quality and also rendering deep.

Can anybody help me?

//EDIT: Seems the difficulty is bereason of Youtube utilizing codec AVC instead of VP9 in the video?


You don't require Max Quality. Nor rendering deep.

Areas of information are the killer.

Their said bitprice is a lot higher than that - https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en&ref_topic=2888648.

I'd additionally suggest exporting it in CIneform or dnx and also then passing that to handbrake and also utilizing a CQ to guarantee you're giving YouTube a good looking file.

Sorry i dont understand also that. What carry out you mean with "Their argued bitrate is much higher than that" they recommfinish 15mbps, i supplied 40mbps. My video looks excellent pre upload. You have the right to view the difference in the screenshot i connected in the comment. But i am trying to export as cinecreate rightnow. What do you suppose via "utilizing a CQ"? With handbrake i will certainly make it from cinecreate (.mov) to mp4?

How long as it been given that the upload? There's generally a couple of hour rendering until high-res is all set. Once uploaded, you can playago 480p, however 720p and above takes a couple of even more hrs.

Next, you don't require 40mbps. 16mpbs typically okay for HD. I generally go 10-12mbps for Youtube, however if you really want, 14-18mbps is pretty excellent visually.

I have actually had this exact very same problem. I have tried a million various export settings and none of them operated other than one... Export it as a 4k video, even though you didnt film in 4k you deserve to still export it in 4k and also upfill it to youtube as 4k. The result on youtube will certainly be the perfect high quality you see through the file on your computer.

Here is my equivalent question. They tell you how to export in 4k in the threview. And yes it worked for me. https://www.slrfc.org/r/VideoEditing/comments/5kah9h/help_hd_quality_loss_on_youtube_but_only_in_parts/?ref=share&ref_source=link

Good news: It's not simply you.

In my own defense, 99% of YouTube posts below are because of encoding settings and also patience.

I did a bucket of work-related on this for you. I most likely am procrastinating.

no TL/DR - review what I found and check out what I'm surmising.

You gave me 3 examples - A GoPro, a Bikeparks and yours

Here's what I've observed, using Media details.

VideoCodecBitrateFPSRange of FPS
BikeparkAVC4.5 Mb/svariable24-90
YoursAVC5.7 Mb/svariable60fps

Some thoughts:

The bikepark is 24fps - lower structure rate = more information per framework.

All of them have actually variable structure rates. I'm not sure what this suggests. All of the h264 have actually a collection rate, where VP9 doesn't.

I'm surprised to check out that VP9 is doing much better in general. I think that's because there's something right here via a variable framework rate that isn't accounted for in h264. A weird spot is the bike park running from 24-90 frames.

Your video doesn't have actually a VP9 verichild. I'm not certain why. Possible because it's 60fps.

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Your video does look functions - but it's 60fps. I think yours looks worse because of the combination of the structure rate + the lack of fixed features. I asked you to try reuploading at 30fps and you have yet to view if that has actually an innovation.