Nobody likes a damaged air conditioner! When the temps are climbing external, it is essential to have actually your window AC unit functioning appropriately for you. In this article, we want to assist you answer the question, "Why Is My Window AC Not Cooling?"

Five Usual Reasons Why your Window AC is Not Cooling

These are the height factors why your home window AC unit might not be pumping out the cold air prefer it"s meant to. They are arranged from the simplest do-it-yourself fixes to the form of worry you might should require to the professionals. We likewise cover an AC trouble that might indicate that it"s time for a replacement unit.

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Your Window AC Is In the Wrong Mode

Your home window air conditioner not cooling could be for one basic factor. It could not be in Cool mode. Window air conditioners are designed to have actually multiple settings, and also each mode serves a details feature. Not eextremely window AC is constructed the exact same way, and so tbelow is some variation of which modes your AC might have actually. However before, virtually all window air conditioners have these three modes: Cool Setting, Fan Mode, and also Dry Mode.

Here is a brief explacountry of what each mode does. Kcurrently your settings – and gain the a lot of out of your investment in a window air conditioner!


Cool Mode

When your AC unit is on Cool Setting, it will certainly be rerelocating warm in the room till it reaches the collection temperature of the AC thermostat. As a bonus, it will certainly dehumidify the air also, making it even more comfortable, much less “muggy.” Once it reaches your wanted room temperature, it will certainly occupational to maintain this temperature in the room until you readjust the thermostat to a various temperature or readjust the mode on the unit.

If your home window AC is not cooling, this is the initially point you have to inspect. Is your window AC in Cool Mode? If not, attempt placing it in Cool Mode and also view how that transforms points. If it is in Cool Setting, and is still having actually trouble cooling your room, then tbelow is more than likely an additional worry going on, and you will certainly need to keep searching for the source of the trouble.

Fan Mode

If your home window AC is in Fan Mode, it is basically functioning as a straightforward household fan would. In fan mode, the unit does not blow any type of cold air, but instead circulates the air that is currently in the area to create good air circulation. This mode is perfect for a fresh spring day, where the external air temperature is best, and also you just desire that additional air circulation with the home.

Dry Mode

Most more recent window air conditioners have actually this mode. Anvarious other name for it is Dehumidifier Setting, and also, as you might have actually guessed, its job is to dry out the air! When your window AC unit is on Dry Mode, it is functioning to remove moisture from the air only – it does not cool the air. This mode is appropriate for a cool, humid day wbelow everything just feels damp, and also your main goal is to dry points out, not necessarily cool your home.

Now that you are familiar through each mode and what it does, inspect to see if you are in Cool Mode prior to proceeding further! The answer might be this easy settle.

Your Window AC Filter is Dirty or Clogged

And the fins on the ago can be dirty as well.

The air conditioner filter is something that is expected to be cleaned from time to time. If your filter is dirty or clogged, it is most likely restricting the air circulation and staying clear of your AC from cooling at its normal capacity. In enhancement, if the filter is incredibly dirty, it could reason frost to develop on the evaporator coils, which better inhibits excellent air flow. The best deal with for this is to replace the filter and remove any type of material that could be clogging the filter location. If you alert any dirt build-up on the evaporator coils, you have the right to clean them through warmth, soapy water.

This is among the a lot of common AC difficulties, so be certain to check the filter and the fins/coil in back if your window air conditioner is not cooling properly!

Your Window AC is the Undersized for your Room

Not all home window air conditioners are equal in the amount of warmth they can remove per hour, or to say it one more way, how much cool, dry air they have the right to deliver. It may be that your window AC isn’t cooling because it is too small for the area.

Window AC cooling power is measured in BTUs, which means British Thermal Units. Most window air conditioners need 20 BTU per square foot of area to be cooled. For example, if you are trying to cool a 500 square foot room via an average ceiling elevation, you will need a window AC unit via 10,000 BTU.

Before assuming that your home window AC is broken, make sure you inspect to view just how a lot cooling power it has actually by finding out the BTU rating! You could just be utilizing an air conditioner that is sindicate also tiny to cool your room. If this is the case, you can either size up and also rearea your present home window AC through a unit that has a greater BTU rating, or you can invest in a second unit to job-related together with your present one.

Either means, it is constantly an excellent idea to examine and also make certain that your home window AC has actually the BTUs to handle the amount of room you are wanting it to cool. This will not only encertain that you have actually an AC that will actually be able to cool your room, but additionally store your window AC from running power and elevating your bill without efficiently cooling your residence.

Is too substantial better? No. You don’t want to use a home window AC unit that is a lot bigger than what you need. This will:

Cool the room conveniently and also shut off before it has actually rerelocated much moisture. The result will be a room that is cool and clammyUnnecessarily burn up electrical power and raise your monthly bill.

You want to find the right dimension home window air conditioner for your residence in order to maximize the cool air and minimize the power costs; not too little, and also not as well large!

If you are having trouble calculating what dimension air conditioner you need for the space you are trying to cool, usage our AC BTU Calculator for the function.

It is a basic and also useful tool to use to inspect on your window AC size – if it is right for the room dimension.

If you decide to buy a brand-new home window air conditioner, definitely use the Calculator to encertain you buy one that is a “perfect” dimension for the space.

Your Window AC Has a Broken Thermistor

Window air conditioner devices have something called a thermistor. It monitors the temperature of the location to be cooled, and also sends out signals to the compressor to turn the cold air on or off according to the temperature of the location If the thermistor senses that the location has actually reached the desired temperature, it will certainly sfinish a signal to the compressor to shut the cool air off.

Likewise, if the location is still too hot, a effectively functioning thermistor will signal the compressor to keep blasting the cold air. One feasible reason of your window AC not cooling is a damaged thermistor. To situate your window AC"s thermistor, you will certainly should remove the outer instance of your unit to reveal the electronic control board. Once you have actually located the regulate board, the thermistor is a little part through a glass bulb on it. Inspect your thermistor for signs of wear-and-tear, taking a careful look for any type of dislink or damage.

If your thermistor has actually any type of indications of damages, you must relocation it. You deserve to execute this yourself, but make certain to replace your old thermistor via a brand-new one that is apverified by your window AC"s manufacturer! If you are more comfortable leaving the air-conditioner dissection to the experts, don"t worry; they"ll recognize precisely just how to diagnose and also take care of your damaged thermistor. Soon you"ll have actually that cool air flowing with the residence again!

Your Window AC Has a Broken Compressor

The compressor is one of the many essential components of an air conditioner. It functions choose a pump to circulate refrigerant that captures warmth inside your home and also dumps it exterior. This renders the cold air flow, and also without a properly functioning compressor, the air conditioner can’t work correctly. A sign that your compressor might have failed is if your AC is blowing warm air, even in Cool Mode, and once the filter and also fins are clean, and tright here are no other obvious concerns through the unit. If your compressor is broken, it is probably time to consider a brand-new window air conditioner.

Is it worth it to rearea the compressor? Probably not. Usually, if a compressor falls short, it is because the air conditioner is an older unit. The compressor is an expensive part to relocation, so it is likely more cost-efficient to invest in a new home window AC, fairly than a replacement compressor.

When to Rearea your Current Window AC (need)

Unfortunately, window air conditioners are expensive to repair family member to the expense of a new one. Many repair shops charge $50 to $75 simply to diagnose the difficulty. Then there’s the price of parts. With a bill of $100 to $225 in many kind of situations, you are more than halfmethod to a brand-new window air conditioner.

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When we’re asked as soon as to relocation your existing window AC - once do you must rearea it - our basic answer is this: The older it is, the less you need to put into repairs. Spfinishing $100 or $150 to repair a room AC that is less than 5 years old renders sense. Spending that on an additional than 8 years old doesn’t make feeling, in our opinion. In in between, it relies on your budacquire and also situations. For example, if you live in an apartment yet plan to move in a year or 2 to a house - probably one through main air conditioning, then repairing the unit is a cost-effective decision fairly than replacing it.


Hopetotally you were able to diagnose and fix the factor your window AC isn"t cooling. However, if you suspect it is damaged and you arrangement to buy a brand-new unit, watch our Window AC Buying Guide through detailed information that will certainly aid you to pick the ideal dimension home window air conditioner for your room.

We hope this guide is valuable and also that you are able to gain cool air flowing via your residence aget soon!