A variety of users are utilizing the Suorin Drop vape kit. Even though the kit is the best vaping device in a number of methods, there are some problems that the tool faces, and inevitably the customers challenge them as well. Here are some services to the Suorin Drop problemsthat you can be advantageous.

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Suorin Drop Blinking Blue

One of the Suorin Drop issuesthat customers face is the blinking blue LED light. When individuals confront Suorin Drop blinking blueproblem, they get frustrated as a result of the blinking LED, leading them to think if tbelow is something seriously wrong via the device.


In order to resolve the Suorin Drop blinking light trouble, you deserve to try the following points. Try cleaning the battery’s write-ups. These articles are current on the battery itself. You have the right to additionally attempt to clean the pod relations using a cotton swab. This is done to rerelocate any kind of vape juice that might have actually leaked out throughout vaping. Leakage of the e-liquid might be among the reasons for the issue to take place.

In enhancement to this, if you drop the gadget accidentally via a pod inserted on a tough surchallenge, it might bring about this problem. Dropping the kit will depush the right end of the pin. The tolerances of the physical elements are practically incredibly much less. All you need to do is fix the physical components of the pod appropriate earlier to their original place and also the gadget will be all collection to vape. This is a long-term fix vape gadget blinking blue issue. Hope this will fix your concern about the blinking Suorin Drop.

Suorin Drop Not Hitting

Most of the customers have actually also complained aboutSuorin Drop not hittingwell occasionally. They have actually proclaimed that the device was functioning great at initially but every one of a sudden the kit simply quit working. They also claimed that gadget charges fine, but once they go for a hit, the light falls short to bconnect or it does not fire. Users have also tried using their old and new pods. But they tend to challenge the issue eincredibly time.



Well, considering that the Suorin Drop is a puff activated device, our guess is that the activation mechanism can be damaged because of some or the various other reasons. This can be as a result of e-liquid leakage or some kind of condensation on the parts present within the pods. If this is the instance, the gadget will certainly not trigger on or will not work smoothly or at all. Hence, in order to fix Suorin Dropnot hitting best, you must clean the device thoroughly. Make sure you clean the leakage at the battery short articles. This might assist you settle the worry.

Suorin Drop Not Charging

One even more worry amongst the Suorin Drop charging/pod/cartridge/widespread problemsis the charging issue. A number of customers have actually complained that their device is not charging, that is, they are encountering the Suorin Drop charging difficulties. Even though the customers have kept the device charging overnight, they have observed the battery level to zero and the tool dead. Users have actually additionally asserted that the device's LED indicator verified battery level in the tune of 30–100%, however still, the device was not helpful for vaping as a result of absence of charging.


The reason for the device to show this problem might be the trouble via microUSB2 port. The port is not able to charge the tool, and hence the issue. MicroUSB2 was never arisen to be a resource of charging and also is actually incredibly vulnerable to usage. Hence, if you challenge such type of concern, then it is the microUSB2 port that has been damaged. All you need to perform is fix the port and you are all set to vape aacquire. Pod kits that execute not use micro USB ports for charging commonly perform not challenge these concerns.

Suorin Drop Not Drawing

One of the issues for your Suorin Drop not workingcould be the issue with drawing. Users have actually complained for a long time that their tool has actually stopped drawing also if the battery was full. Well, right here is a solution to this worry.



The only means for currently to settle this worry is to blow via the compressed air through the device's airmethod. Most of the time, the e-liquid have the right to clog that stuff up. Doing this deserve to resolve the issue and also you will be qualified of drawing aget prefer usual. Make sure that you execute not spray compressed air even more than when. Doing so have the right to bring about various difficulties.

Suorin Drop Not Working Red Light

Users have also complained that the red LED on the tool has actually quit functioning for no factor. All of a sudden the red light LED won't turn off regardless of the truth that the gadget is plugged in or not. The light remains on regardless of the fact that the pod is attached or not.



Well, in order to deal with this worry, it is aacquire recommfinished to blow compressed air through the device's airway. This might get rid of any debris in the method that is resulting in the problem. Make sure that the charging port is also clean. If not, clean it with a cotton swab and also view if the problem has actually been resolved or not. Also, if the gadget has actually been dropped accidentally on hard surface, opportunities are high for the gadget to display this trouble.

Suorin Drop Won't Turn Off

If your Suorin Drop is not turning off, execute not panic. This is just one of the worries that the users are encountering normally. This might be as a result of an problem through the battery or charging port.


In order to fix this concern make certain that the battery of the tool is in excellent problem. Check the charging port. Look out for any type of debris in the charging port. Also, make sure that all the relationships are undamaged as they were previously while buying the device.

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Blitz Realm Kit - Best Suorin Drop Alternative

If you are tired of all the problems of Suorin Drop, here is the ideal alternative for the kit. The Blitz Realm 30W Pod System Vape Kit is emerged for a wonderful and pod-akin performance that will be astonishing for vapers. The tool is fueled by a big 3.5ml e-liquid capacity and also a bigger 1100mAh integrated battery to ascertain you all day lengthy vaping suffer. Acomponent from this, it provides 1.5A quick charging that charges the device completely in 30 minutes.

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Specifications and also Features

Size: 70 x 45 x 22mm

Capacity: 3.5ml

Battery: 1100mAh

Resistance range: 0.2-3ohm

Voltage range: 3.3-4.2v

Power range: 5-30v

Color: area silver, matte black, red, blue

Charge Style: AC/USB

Replaceable Coil

Polymer Technology

Compatible via SMOK Nord Coil

Fast Charging


Now that you have actually a solution to the majority of of the widespread Suorin Drop troubles, you are all set to fix these issues and also use the pod for vaping. These remedies will sudepend help you solve the concerns and make your pod work-related like a new one.