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Recently, I obtained a blue color on my LCD monitor which unexpectedly showed up after turning on my monitor. The blue color is a light blue cyan or aqua blue shade. It was quite annoying to look at, but basic to resolve for me. I haven’t endure my monitor turning blue since I solve it by doing some incredibly straightforward jobs.

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All the monitor troubleshooting tasks I did execute not call for me to open up my computer, monitors instance, use any type of devices, or any facility software.

You deserve to initially try adjusting your monitor color settings by making use of the manage panel regime developed into all monitors. Some monitor drivers also let you readjust your monitor’s color settings within Windows.

1. The initially point I tried was turning the monitor Off, and also ON to check out if it solved the difficulty. Turning it on and also off did not occupational for fixing my monitor problem wright here it was displaying a blue shade color on the whole screen.

2. I likewise tried shutting dvery own my computer system and un-pluging my monitor video and also power cable from the instance to check out if the cable has actually any type of damages on the connector or cable. I replugged in the cable and make certain the cable is firmly plug into the monitor and the cable is not tangled. I re-plugged in my monitor power cable to the wall outlet and turned my computer on. The blue color is gone currently, and also my LCD colors are back to normal.

3. You deserve to additionally try replacing the monitor cable, or testing your monitor on another computer if my first 2 actions did not job-related for you.

4. You deserve to also usage another monitor like an old tube CRT to view if it additionally has a blue tint. If it does, then it is many likely a video clip card problem through your computer.

5. You have the right to also try uninstalling your video card vehicle drivers and also installing the latest version of your video card chauffeurs.

6. Replacing the video cable choose a HDMI, VGA, or DVI cable through one more cable from one more computer system, or a brand-new one from the keep might resolve your video difficulty if it is related to your video cable.

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Troubleshooting lapoptimal LCD monitors can be more tough because whatever is mounted internally including the wires, power cables for the monitor. You deserve to attempt utilizing a well-known excellent monitor to test the video card by plugging the monitor right into the video output VGA plug, and view if you are also enduring the same problems on your external monitor plugged into your laptop’s video port. If you are likewise suffering the same blue video color difficulty on your exterior monitor, your video card might be going poor, or the video vehicle drivers needs to be reinstalled.

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