Going through a breakup is never before simple. It doesn’t matter why or exactly how it occurred. It damages.

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It’s also harder once your ex puts in the initiative to make sure you don’t acquire alengthy after that. Their perspective towards you totally transforms.

They become intend and nasty. And you have actually no principle wright here all this is coming from.

If your ex appears to be doing everything possible to make your life miserable, it’s time to occupational out why.

Here are 10 reasons why your ex is intend to you


1) He wants you to recognize it’s over

Alengthy with that twinge of sadness that comes through a breakup, there’s always the opportunity of a reconciliation dvery own the track.

After all, absence only renders the heart flourish fonder. Perhaps via a tiny separation and time acomponent, you’ll be able to rekindle your love for each other?

If your ex is being suppose, it can be his way of ensuring this never before happens. Taking any type of potential reconciliation off the table.

He is 100% entirely and utterly over you and also desires to make sure you understand it. He doesn’t want to leave any kind of doubt in your mind that the relationship is over.

Tright here is no hope of ever before acquiring ago together dvery own the track.

2) He still has feelings for you

This appears counterintuitive — to be intend to someone you still have actually feelings for. But it happens.

He’s trying to convince himself that the connection is over. He might have blended feelings around just how points ended and also want to make sure he doesn’t let those feelings resurconfront.

Or probably he’s just bitter about the fact you guys aren’t together anyeven more.

Now, if you feel the very same way, there is somepoint you have the right to execute to gain your ex earlier. Not to pick up wbelow you left off, yet to begin afresh and also develop a brand-new, much better partnership.

To perform this, simply change the eactivities he associates with you and also make him picture a entirety brand-new connection with you.

In his great short video, James Bauer provides you a step-by-step technique for altering the way your ex feels about you. He reveals the messages you deserve to send and things you can say that will create somepoint deep inside him.

Because once you paint a new photo about what your life together can be favor, his emotional walls won’t stand also a possibility. And neither will his suppose comments.

Watch his excellent free video here.

3) He’s doing it for display.

It’s not around you. In fact, it’s around everyone else approximately you.

Sometimes friends and also household get in the means of a breakup and also desire to know if there’s any kind of hope of acquiring back together.

Your ex could be putting on a nasty display to convince those approximately you that it is well and truly over, with zero hope of you two ever before obtaining ago through you.

4) You hurt them

Relationships don’t constantly end on the ideal terms.

Tright here are so many kind of various means you might have actually hurt your ex, from cheating on him to airing his dirty laundry after the breakup.

Think ago to anypoint you might have done that could maybe have hurt his feelings.

You could just uncover an underlying reason behind his behaviour that was triggered by something you did.

5) He’s feeling guilty

Why did your ex break up via you in the first place?

There might be an underlying feeling that he feels guilty around, which is resulting in him to lash out at you. In an initiative to cover up this guilt.

For example, he can have cheated on you. Or maybe he left you for one more woguy.

He then chooses to channel that guilt he feels over what he has actually done to you as hate. After all, it’s a lot less complicated to blame you than to accept the blame himself.

6) He’s miserable


If you’re the one that determined to break up, he might be holding it versus you.

Even though you both recognize and acunderstanding it’s for the best, your ex might blame you for the breakup, which is leading to him to be horrible in the direction of you.

Being dumped is never an excellent feeling. It deserve to send you right into a spiral of wondering whether or not you’re excellent enough and what you did wrong.

It’s also worse if he knows you’re happy now after breaking up.

He wants to hurt you. He desires you to feel as sad as he does about it. So he lashes out.

This can be sufficient to make your ex expect in the direction of you.

7) He has actually negative memories of your time together

After you break up, it’s prevalent for all the negative memories of your time together to surchallenge. This is what makes the breakup simply that little little bit less complicated.

You remember simply just how a lot the 2 of you didn’t work-related. And all the factors you weren’t meant for each various other.

Each time your ex sees you, these feelings resurchallenge for him. It renders him feel angry, which is why he’s reacting to you.

He’s most likely holding onto some significant resentment for things that occurred in your partnership that he never before gained clocertain on. It pushes him to argue and also be expect towards you every possibility he gets.

8) You moved on first

Moving on from a partnership initially have the right to be sufficient to trigger the nasty side in your ex.

Finding someone brand-new is a clear authorize to your ex that you’re over them and have moved on. This deserve to hurt.

Even if he has no feelings for you anymore, it can still hurt to be reinserted.

Seeing you via an additional guy could be enough to make him strike out and also be mean to you. It’s his defense device to safeguard his feelings.

It also allows your new partner know that he’s well and truly over you. After all, why else would certainly he be so mean?

9) You have actually points he wants

Depfinishing how long you were together prior to the break up, you may have actually had actually a tough time dividing things up.

You might have actually hosted onto something he wanted. Whether it was a automobile or a dog, or something as easy as a CD, he might be holding onto some anger over this lost item.

This anger provides him act out every time he sees you. He ssuggest can’t foroffer you for what you kept — whether it was his or not.

10) It’s normal

And last but not least, there simply may be no reason behind his behaviour. It might simply be his method of handling the breakup and handling it.

Everyone reacts in a different way to loss. He isn’t definition to hurt you.

He could simply be grieving what the 2 of you have. But his grief is coming out as nastiness towards you.

If you think that he is bitter around the separation, then you’ll recognize via the indicators presented in this video.

How deserve to I adjust my ex’s behaviour?


Now you recognize precisely why your ex is treating you so badly, what deserve to you carry out to change his behaviour?

Unfortunately, it’s not somepoint you have the right to force — no issue just how much you wish to.

Here are some steps you deserve to require to make some positive transforms in your post-breakup relationship:

1) Give it time

Anger is a solid feeling. No issue what’s leading to his anger, you must give him the time to procedure his feelings.

Straight after a breakup, it’s no key that tensions are going to be high.

Once these instant feelings subside, he’ll hopetotally have the ability to regulate his temper about you and also pull back on the nastiness.

2) Give him space

As well as providing him time to type out his feelings, it also helps to provide him room also. Your ex won’t have actually the possibility to be nasty in the direction of you if you keep your distance.

With this time and area, the tension will ease, so the next time you execute see each various other, points are hopefully a lot even more amicable.

Don’t reply to his messages, and also many importantly, don’t take the bait.

When your ex is being suppose to you, he frequently is looking at means to hurt you. Once he functions out he’s being ignored, he’s more most likely to lash out and try and also hurt you in other methods.

Just neglect him. It will certainly pass.

3) Turn to your friends

Don’t let your ex gain to you. Being nasty is also a way they can feel in manage of the breakup and what’s taken place.

The finest thing you have the right to do is relocate on. Get out tright here, mingle through others and surround yourself through friends.

If your ex does reach out and say horrible things to you, ssuggest walk ameans and go earlier to your friends. It’s an excellent method to take that regulate away from him.

Your ex will see that you’re unimpacted by their behaviour and may also lose interemainder in the process.

4) Stay friendly

It have the right to be all also tempting to stoop to his level and start being suppose to him. Avoid this if you have the right to. This will certainly only make matters worse. Instead, kill him with kindness.

If he’s constantly viewed to be lashing out at you, while you keep a smile on your challenge and also say nice things earlier, he’s going to catch on quickly.

Keep it casual. Greet him when you’re out and also about together. Ask him around exactly how he’s going.

If he lashes out, say something nice and also walk ameans. There’s just so lengthy he deserve to save the nastiness up for.

5) Tip away

Remember that your ex is likely hurting. This is often the create for his nasty behaviour. But this pain he’s feeling doesn’t excuse his behaviour.

If points gain too a lot for you and you’re not seeing an innovation in the means he treats you, then it can be ideal to cut contact altogether.

You don’t want this toxic perboy in your life. Let him recognize why you’re choosing to step away and also then reduced all ties.

It’s not worth putting yourself in the firing zone time and time aobtain as soon as the connection is well and truly over.

Let’s confront it, some exes just aren’t intended to be friends.

Know once it’s time to walk amethod and move on altogether.

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