The Dallas Mavericks hired Jakid Kidd to serve as the team’s brand-new head coach last month. While some heralded the move as a good one, others kept that a mistake had been made.

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Although the jury is still out on this hiring as a basketround decision, from a PR standallude, the Kidd pick-up hasn’t been appropriate.

This week, Kidd’s boy T.J. went on Instagram and also made a prolonged short article describing the fact around his father. It was incredibly reminiscent of when Dwight Howard’s 12-year-old child exposed him in comparable fashion.


Jason Kidd’s child has actually a lot to say around his father. Y’all can keep making excoffers if you desire, however he’s a terrible person and also deserves eexceptionally awful thing coming to him.

— The User Formerly Knvery own As (

“This happens a lot,” he wrote. “So this particular day I have the moment.. So… (*Cracks knuckles) To answer this question for those of you that had actually any kind of doubt whatsoever. He is I. I is he. The bit kid y’all made fun of for having the massive head and also mustache at 5 at all those NBA games (Yeah I observed it) Never taken it. Think it’s hilarious now. I’m well aware of my fathers many kind of basketsphere achievements, shoes, trading cards and what ever before else you feel the must tag me in.

“I’d appreciate it considerably if y’all would STOP tagging me in stuff that has to execute through him (He’s on IG currently so TAG HIM). I honestly don’t mind talking basketball or whatever before at all.. But stupid crap choose this will certainly no longer be tolerated by this page.. You deserve to refer to a previous article of mine if your in search of an explanation. Which isn’t owed. AT ALL. But for some factor I have to keep repeating myself.. I’d favor to be remembered for being more than a prop to someone who witnessed me as nopoint more than simply that. A prop..

“Unfortunately till I execute somepoint remarkable external of who I’m related to (working on that), I unfortunately need to carry this label via me until then. So I think I can be sick and also exhausted of being sick and also tired as I watch fit. It took me a long time to number out that I don’t have to live approximately anyone’s expectations for me. What anyone else thinks of you is irappropriate. Prioritize your psychological /physical health, treat people just how you would prefer to be treated,” he continued.

“Treat people via kindness and mean nothing in return. If you feel stress and anxiety, depression, sad. That’s ok, however don’t sit in it. Sit in it and nopoint will ever before be resolved. Everything you feel is VALID. Every perboy on this planet has a ideal to be an individual and there own person. Imma go ahead and also perform that now… There’s constantly fond memories of the previous. We can’t forgain to live for today and also the future.

“Slow it dvery own if you have to. Do points the appropriate method and also watch what you deserve to achieve. There’s such flexibility in being yourself and also doing your very own points. They don’t need to make sense to anyone but you. Dream significant. Work hard and be the kindest perchild in the room and also never look ago.”


— Game 7 (

Aacquire, this isn’t the first time an NBA-related personality has gained exposed in this fashion for being a poor parent. It’s certainly not going to be the last. But that doesn’t make it any much less troubling.

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Will Kidd inevitably address his connection with his kid at some point? Time will certainly tell.