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Facebook customers have been flocking to the social netfunctioning website to short article the heart emoji.

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And currently we understand why.

The trfinish has actually watched the heart emoji consistently pop up in newsfeeds across the country, including Covenattempt and also Warwickshire.

The trfinish has watched world sharing the easy icon through no explanation.

So, naturally, some users have actually been left puzzled.

And it turns out the trend is nopoint to execute via Valentine's Day - despite February 1fourth being just about the edge.


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According to wellness.com, it’s a Facebook campaign designed to raise awareness about breastern cancer.

The health and wellness site says the trfinish has surconfronted on social media before, typically throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

The concept instructs customers to short article a heart emoji as their status, or write-up on their friends’ wall surfaces, prior to sfinishing out a exclusive message explaining that the heart symbol is a reminder to obtain their breasts checked for lumps.


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The idea is that these friends will certainly then share the emoji, and also the private message, and the project will certainly spcheck out also further.

Indevelopment on just how to check your breasts and what changes to look out for is accessible on the nhs.uk website, via advice on when to view your GP and also the symptoms of breastern cancer.

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While increasing awareness, the Facebook heart campaign doesn’t raise any money for charity - however you can discover out exactly how to donate to breast cancer charities by looking virtual.