Let’s also resolve the relationship of the exo and endo assets. In our example, both assets are meso compounds as they have stereogenic centers, but the symmetry location makes them achiral. Al the atoms connected the exact same, not mirror imperiods – that makes them achiral diastereomers:




If the dienophile in unsymmetrical, then the product has one stereogenic and it is currently chiral given that tright here is no plane of symmeattempt. The endo and exo commodities are developed as 2 enantiomers depending upon the alignment of the diene and also dienophile:




And any combicountry of an endo and also exo product represents a pair of diastereomers:




If the diene is also unsymmetrical, then you have to take into consideration the regiochemistry of the Diels-Alder as well. It would certainly be too much for now, so you have the right to inspect this short article.

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Endo and Exo for Acyclic Dienes

Sometimes the encarry out – exo meaning is expanded to encompass acyclic dienes also. Here is what you should recognize if your instructor calls for this. First, remember that the teams on a substituted diene are classified as inner and also outer and also these pairs always show up on the very same side (cis) in the product of any kind of Diels-Alder reaction:




It is graduate level and also if you need even more details, review the Woodward–Hoffmann rules for the pericyclic reactions according to which, the 4+2 cycloadditions take place by means of disrotatory motion (indicated by green arrows above) of the frontier molecular orbitals. This is a great link from Caltech:


Back to our reactions. What would the stereochemistry be if the alkene was substituted too?

Here is a good trick to understand the stereochemistry:

Imagine that the two inner hydrogens are associated and also draw the product as we did for a cyclic diene – hydrogens pointing up, methyl teams pointing dvery own.

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You can also execute this by adding an imaginary carbon to temporarily turn it into a cyclic diene:




Notice that in the endo product, the substituents on the diene and dienophile are cis as they are both pointing to the exact same direction. And this is the wider definition of the endo product pertaining to cyclic and also acyclic dienes.




For each Diels–Alder reactivity, predict the significant product(s) via correct stereochemisattempt once each cyclic diene is reacted with a dienophile: