Birdman had actually lots to say throughout a current interwatch and in true Birdman form, he absolutely didn’t host back.

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The Cash Money executive sat down with Revolt TV’s Drink Champs and talked on some of his a lot of controversial moments… consisting of that inrenowned 2016 Breakquick Club intersee that he cut super short.

Birdmale says,

“I just had some s*** on my chest. Really it was Charlamagne. I just wanted to watch him face-to-face and also let him understand, speak playing me, respect me. You’re disrespecting my name. You’re playing through me up here. Off top.”


Charlamagne Tha God

Birdman mutual his thoughts on feuding with No Limit Records, the various other significant label in New Orleans, headed by Master P.


Master P

He defined,

“Cash Money and No Limit, that s*** was genuine. They ain’t f*** with us, we ain’t f*** via them, that s*** actual. We from 2 various projects, so it just didn’t ever mix and me and his partnership never blended. Maybe the artists, but we didn’t fuck through each other, so they couldn’t f*** through each other. We just ain’t never vibe. We ain’t ever had no beef, ain’t nobody dead. But, we simply didn’t ever vibe. Don’t acquire me wrong, I obtained the utthe majority of respect for him. He from my very same city. So, n***as came up and also he did some s*** niggas still trying to perform. He put out 35 albums in one year, that’s the majority of hustling. But, I salute to every little thing he doing.”

He additionally spoke on his fallout with Lil Wayne that included Lil Wayne suing Cash Money for $50 million in 2015, claiming Birdguy kept money from him concerning his Tha Carter V album. Lil Wayne ended up dropping his lawsuit.


Lil Wayne, Birdman

“I constantly looked at him as a child, so how could I ever disrespect him? That wouldn’t be a guy, that wouldn’t be a father. I can never before disrespect someone I referred to as my child, my son. We talked a pair of times. That was essential to me… I started with Wayne. I provided my all to my kid and he provided his all to me. For me to continue doing this service I had to deal with that via him.”

Birdman spoke on their feud going even more viral than them actually squashing it.

“I need to have actually been thugging too lengthy. I never before get recorded up in the internet s***. I don’t offer a f*** about none of that. I’m gonna live my life how I live my life. Wayne’s gonna always… I love him choose a boy, still to now, we connect. He is my child to me, before I even had my own son, he was my son. I really don’t offer a f*** about no internet. I always take the lick, but I’m still gonna stand up, I’m gonna still be a guy.”

“I caught a lot of moments I acquired mad. But still, when you look at somebody you consider your child, you gotta suck that s*** up. No matter exactly how I felt I sucked it up. He could was feeling some kind of means, however it didn’t matter I just sucked that s*** up and also preserved it relocating. The only thing I can execute was keep hustling, because I kbrand-new me and also him were gonna ultimately obtain ago together. I wasn’t worried about that.”

Still, it looks choose he has actually an concern with Rick Ross, who some feel like instigated the drama between Birdman and Lil Wayne as he referred to as out Birdman in his Idols Become Rivals song in 2017.


Rick Ross, Birdman

“I just came up, I mind my very own mother****ing service, I don’t obtain in no other n***a business. So, as soon as one more n***a in another n***a service, to me, that’s a violation. That’s just how I come up, easy. I ain’t ever before been no man to sheight down on no male in this music organization, never did. That ain’t my thing ’reason I know just how tough this s*** is. I ain’t here to downplay a n***a , I wanna see a n***a come up, period. So, as far as me ever speaking down on a n***a , I don’t ever do it. Now if a n***a disrespect me, it’s f*** him. F*** him or b****, we can kill, shoot, whatever before you wanna do. But, as far as me speaking down on a n***a in this game, that ain’t my M.O. ’cause I perform my point.”

He additionally dished on if he thinks his Cash Money top artists, Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj will certainly ever before make a joint album together.

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Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne

“They had plans to. They did a few songs, yet you never know. Everybody is in so many kind of different directions. N***as playing with hundreds and also countless dollars. So, it’s a lifestyle via that s***. Wayne acquired his life, Nicki acquired her life, Drake obtained his life. So everybody is in different locations doing various points, so for them to come together and also do it, is it possible? Yeah, absolutely. But will certainly it happen? I don’t recognize.”

“In the younger days, we more than likely can have actually did it easier. But currently, n***as playing with numerous millions and they all got tours and also scheduling. But honestly, I think it could and must happen because they’re the the majority of three talented in the game.”

As for Tyga, Birdman hinted tbelow was still an problem after Tyga sued Cash Money for $10 million last year.

“That’s a totality nother movie. That’s a totality nvarious other instance. But I constantly did great by Tyga. I put millions in his pocket. I ain’t never before violated that young man ever before, to speak in my name in vain in any kind of way. I constantly stood solid with him.”