Brain Power

Gum chewing in the classroom is coming to be more famous for its capability to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance alertness, relieve stress and increase memory.

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Did you recognize that human being have actually been chewing gum for over 5000 years? It’s true however, the initially type of gum made from tree resin was unfortunately not incredibly tasty. In 1848 John Curtis created and sold the first packaged gum which he referred to as, “The State of the Key Pure Spruce”. In 1893 William Wrigley who marketed soap and scouring commodities at the moment observed the potential in chewing gum and also presented Wrigley Spearmint gum to the people.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Studies have been done to prove that gum chewing in the classroom has actually had many positive impacts on students. Let’s take a look at the findings.

The L.A. Times reports a research done at Baylor College of Medicine in 2009. Sponsored by the Wrigley Science Institute, the findings are conclusive to the positive effects of gum chewing in the classroom. One hundred and also eight students periods 13-16 were assigned to either chew gum throughout math course, while doing math homework-related and during tests or to refrain from chewing gum throughout the exact same activities. After 14 weeks, the group of students that chewed gum saw a 3% rise in standardized math test scores and also received a substantially better last math grade compared to the students who did not chew gum. The research additionally concluded that the students that chewed gum required fewer breaks, maintained a much longer attention span and sat quieter for a longer duration of time than those that did not chew gum.

Cardiff University’s examine in 2010 showed that chewing gum gave higher alertness, much better heart rate, boosted reaction times and higher attention span in students.

Dr. Kenneth Allen a professor at NYU’s College of dentistry confirmed that chewing gum helps to release insulin into the bloodstream which affects how well your memory works.

In 2009 a research at Louisiana State College confirmed that by chewing sugar-free gum world were much less most likely to snack. The examine had 115 civilization chew gum for 3 hrs in a day. The very same 115 civilization were asked not to chew gum the following day. People were offered sweet snacks on both days. People took much fewer snacks on the day that they chewed gum. It has also been shown in other research studies that human being will certainly mitigate their snack intake by 65 calories if they chewed gum that day.

Interesting Gum Facts

65% of athletes chew gum to relieve tension before or in the time of a game.Metabolism rises by 20% when chewing gum (clinical news now.com).Chewing gum deserve to boost memory by 40%.


Some drawbacks of chewing gum in the classroom include distracting other students, bubble blowing, loud chewing and also or smacking of the gum while chewing. Teachers additionally discover ABC gum under tables or chairs. Besides being gross, it deserve to additionally end up being a hygiene trouble.

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The positive effects of chewing gum in the classroom seem to outweigh the negative. More colleges have to enable their students to chew gum in the time of certain tasks at institution. It appears that chewing gum ca rise test performance, alertness, and also overall brain power.