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Chords and finger style arrangement

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Why Don’t You Do Right chords and finger style arrangement


Why Don’t You Do Right? is a minor jazz/blues conventional that was initially released under the name Weed Smokers Dream, in 1936.

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In 1942, Peggy Lee sang it under its brand-new name and also made it a global hit. Because then many kind of other renowned singers percreated the song frequently.

In 1988, it aobtain ended up being among the biggest songs about when Jessica Rabbit sang it in the animated blockbuster Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. variation is a one guitar plan based on the original Peggy Lee version.

Chord progression

The standard verse progression offers the descending pattern of VI – V – IV – IIIx.

In the vital of Cm this is:

||: Cm7 Bb | Abmaj7 G7 :||

The turnabout that follows moves to chord II (Fm) prior to it goes ago to IV and also IIIx.

Now the Ab is either Abdominal muscle or Ab7, fairly than Abmaj7.

Take the understand course and also gain the full story on the chord progression.

The lesson includes complete TAB of exactly how Why Don’t You Do Right? is played in the video lesson.


The solo is simply the melody modulated to Fm (that’s a fourth up from Cm).

When you play any jazz standard, you sindicate must learn the melody and all the chords in order to play about through it. This is the extremely foundation of jazz.

By seeing what notes the melody provides over the chords, you instantly discover which are the most crucial intervals and also therefore once and also which settings will work-related.

In the understand guitar course, we initially look at the chord progression, just how it’s played in the video and what it means. Following this, we learn the vocal melody and also look at what settings and arpeggios we have the right to use.

Finally, we improvise over the progression, making use of everything we learned from the song itself.

If you desire to perform this to eincredibly song you learn, you will certainly have to totally understand also music and also the guitar, some might also say you need to grasp it.

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Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee was an Amerideserve to jazz and standard pop singer, songwriter, and also actress.

Her many well known performances include Black Coffee, Big Spender, Why Don’t You Do Right? and Fever before.

Go to Peggy Lee biography.


Learning just how to play guitar is ideal done via playing and also finding out from songs.

The master songs need you to extfinish chords and also completely understand also the modal scales. This will be revolutionary for your knowledge of the guitar stress board.

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Learn exactly how to play renowned songs.

Angel Eyes, Dream A Little Dream Of Me, I Wish, Tenderness, and Why Don’t You Do Right?.

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