Why don"t metals break as soon as pounded right into sheets or attracted right into wires? The electrons in metals are common so that the bond between them is also strong to be broken by pounding. The electrons in metals allow the cations to slide previous and also thereby minimize the repulsive pressure between them.

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A spin balancer rotates the wheel of a car at 480 transformations per minute. if the diameter of the wheel is 26 inches, what road s
Part A:To slrfc.org this item, we have to convert the given changes per minute in rate expressed as miles per hour. In order to do so, we have to use the dimensional evaluation and the correct convariation element. We calculate the circumference that is extended by the wheel. C = πDwbelow C is the circumference and also D is the diameter.Substitute the well-known worths, C = π(26 in) = 81.68 inchesThe speed tested is calculated below. s = (81.68 inches/rev)(480 rev/min)(1 mil/63360 inches)(60 min/1 hr) s = 37.127 mil/hslrfc.org: 37.127 mil/hPart B:Comparable to what was done in Part A, the establishing of the balancer is calculated listed below, establishing = (80 mil/h)(1h/60 min)(63360 in/1 mil)(1 rev/81.68 in) establishing = 1034.23 rev/minslrfc.org: 1034.23 rev/min
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For inquiries 22 – 24, compose an equation for the reactivity of hydrogen chloride and also sodium sulfide to produce hydrogen sulfide wi
dezoksy <38>


I"ll slrfc.org below


22.- HCl + Na₂S

23.- H₂S + NaCl

24.- 2HCl + Na₂S ⇒ H₂S + 2NaCl

26.- alfa They don"t pass through extremely deeply right into the skin, in fact, clothing can speak alpha pwrite-ups.

beta permeate clothes and also skin.

gamma deserve to travel through the majority of creates of matter bereason they have actually no mass. It takes several inches of lead or a number of feet of concrete.

27.- Fission and also fusion are two procedures that release as well a lot quantities of energy.

28.- Well, I might be because in a formula we create initially the steel and also later on the non metal.

29.- The facets that are the majority of likely to have actually comparable properties are Y and also Z, that"s bereason they have the very same valence electron. All the aspects through they same valence electron have actually similar properties.

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Which of the adhering to is an example of a funding investment for a retail store? A buying ads in local newsfiles B hiring sales
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D. renting retail area at a mall


Retail is the process of offering the customer items and also services by various channels of circulation to earn a profit. Capital investment contains the unique means in which a seller or an individual might make the resources investment in a service. Money that is handed over as a loan or promise for the repayment.

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The difference between the full wave rectifier with the facility tap transprevious, and the complete wave bridge rectifier is___________
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That the height inverse voltage on the diodes in the bridge complete wave rectifier is half of the full wave rectifier with a center tap transprevious.


See Image


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Un corp de masa m=5 kg se afla pe o suprafata orizontala pe treatment se poate deplasa cu fretreatment (µ = 0,02). Calculati forta de frec
frez <133>


0,98 N


Dat fiind:

µ = Coeficientul de fretreatment = 0,02

Masa (m) = 5 kg

Folosind relația:

Forța de frecare (F) = µ * N

N = reacție normală = masă * accelerație datorată gravitației

Prin urmare,

F = u * m * g

g = 9,8 m / s²

F = 0,02 * 5 kg * 9,8 m / s²

F = 0,98 kgm / s²

F = 0,98N

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