It always smells prefer rubbing alcohol to me. It does not issue if it is the cheap stuff or the expensive stuff. I can not stand also vodka.

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This..... 100% this.... vodka is horrific and smells entirely horrible.... worst liquor out there.... ew

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The Undying
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It smells like diluted ethanol, mainly bereason it"s exceptionally chemically comparable to diluted ethanol (with a couple of impurities thrvery own in).
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Just smells like pure ethanol or rubbing alcohol.I"ve never observed the appeal of vodka personally. It"s so boring that virtually everyone uses a mixer via it.Whisky all the way.
It"s an excellent mixer, and also for many world it"s simpler to shoot than a lot of forms of hard alcohol. I prefer whisvital as well, yet a bland also alcohol has its uses.

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Like an excellent ol" dosage of regret. (And occasionally flavored regret depending on what mood I"m in)I like Jaeger (Yes straight) But my brand-new years was rather vodka filled, so I feel like I"ve met some kind of equilibrium regarding the 2.I"ve heard the paint thinner remark prior to yet offered my hobbies I"m around paint thinner alot and also vodka is far sweeter a smell. :PIf not equal in potency. Vodka smells like vodka. I"ve had actually cheap vodka prior to and I can honestly say It pales in comparison to the nice stuff my grandmom brings over from Sweden. Never settle for the cheap shit!
Like shit. If you come throughout a really great one, then there"s practically no smell.Any of the strong stuff normally smells like shit. I take one whiff and almost retch. Mind is blown just how world have the right to have it straight. Like, they sniff it then taste it. If I have it, I"m gonna water it down via a boatfill of coke lol >_>
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smells prefer alcohol...? All alcohol smells the very same to me and in all honesty I"m not extremely fond of drinking... so the less I need to smell it, taste it, check out it, the better I"m off.
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Good vodka smells prefer Russia... drink it before it drinks you!Every swarm downed is an additional victory!
С2H5OH 40% + H2O 60% in situation someone wanna mix his own label =)modify. a couple of advices from a russian guy:excellent method to drink vodka - drink it in shots and dont usage anything like juice or soda to wash the taste of it. the finest snack after vodka is a pickled cucumber or a herring on a bread. some people choose lengthy drinks with vodka - let me tell you this is really for girls. blood mary or vodka with oselection juice - if you are russian you will pass on this. dont mix vodka with beer, cognac, whiscrucial, wine. simply dont mix it. many kind of americans endure from destructive hangovers bereason they mix. carry some culture of drinking right into your life! if you chose to go with vodka - stick via it. my personal document was 0.7 litres for 1 night (nopoint to be proud of honestly). i didnt even puke.excellent luck through you vodka expirience!