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Shower Gets Hot When Toilet is Flushed: Fixing A Temperature Change

The sudden eruption of scalding hot water in the shower is a frightening situation. The last thing someone wants when they are in the shower is lava-favor water all of a sudden piercing his or her skin. Not just does this outburst of warm water reason major pain and inconvenience, but it also leaves the individual through severely burned skin. Talk about starting your day on the wrong note….

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The most obvious question to ask as soon as sudden warm water from the shower spears your skin is “Why does this happen?” The answer to this question is actually even more simple than you might intend.

Many homes run off of a plumbing configuration called a trunk and branch system. This is as soon as one big diameter pipe runs the course of the structure, with smaller pipes branching off the bigger pipe. So, when one of the smaller pipes needs a significant amount of water (i.e. flushing the toilet), the supply of cold water depletes from the various other smaller branch pipes. Thus, much less cold water mixes with the hot water in the various other branch pipes, enhancing the temperature significantly.


Fortunately for everyone that suffers from the sudden rush of warm water once showering, there is a reasonably easy and cost reliable ways to remove temperature fluctuations in showers all together.

Install a Pressure Balance Valve (Mixing Valve)

The the majority of expense effective method to eliminating temperature fluctuation in the shower is installing a push balance valve. This tool attempts to stabilize temperature in the shower, despite sudden alters in hot or cold water supply lines (i.e. once the toilet flushes). Older homes tfinish to not have actually a pressure balance valve mounted given that the valves weren’t mandated in dwellings till newly.

Unfortunately for homeowners who don’t have a press balance valve mounted, the valve isn’t universal. In addition, figuring out which dimension press valve fits in your piping mechanism is challenging. You have to take into account whether a balance spool or diaphragm style of valve is more best in your piping device. You need to figure out whether a cycling or non-cycling valve works finest in your residence. And finally, you need to identify the proper circulation rate needed in your house.

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This deserve to sound overwhelming and complicated, but are afraid not because Terry’s Pipes has actually many years experience in installing push balance valves. You’ll be on your method to stable water temperature in no time at all.

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