In the latest chapters of the Naruto manga (673 and 674), why does Sasuke possess only one Rinnegan and not both?



For starters: Sasuke"s Rinnegan is not the same as Kaguya"s/Madara"s Rinne Sharingan (not to be puzzled with Madara"s Rinnegan, I"m talking around the one in the middle of the forehead of both of them).

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Sasuke"s Rinnegan has 6 tomoe, Rinne Sharingan has actually (at least) 9.Sasuke"s Rinnegan is blue, Rinne Sharingan is red.

The reason Sasuke only has actually the Rinnegan in one eye was not discussed or defined in either the series or the data book. So we have the right to only speculate.

In no specific order, right here are my speculations:

Hagoromo only offered Sasuke sufficient chakra to awaken the Rinnegan in one eye.That"s the ideal Sasuke have the right to execute without futilizing Asura"s chakra.It"s the cool factor.

My opinion is that he made a decision not to use the various other one. With the Rinnegan not able to use Sharingan"s abilities, it"s most likely much better to use both at the same time. Madara was checked out switching ago and forth in between the Rinnegan and Sharingan, so it must be something that Sasuke have the right to do too.



Maybe the other eye is just for Sharingan, or he can not have two Rinnegans because it could replace his Sharingan permanently. However, one point is for sure: he might usage Sharingan and also Rinnegan at the same time later.

Sasuke"s Rinnegan is precisely the same Rinnegan of Kaguya"s third eye and also Madara"s third eye. Because, Madara"s 3rd eye and Kaguya"s third eye are one and also the same, this indicates that tbelow is just one such eye.

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This Rinnegan with Sharingan tomoe has constantly been a one eye case from the start. It is extremely various from Madara"s Rinnegan, which is very same as Hagoromo"s pair of eyes.

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