The complete DIY overview to reproducing Negan's iconic costume from The Walking Dead in time for Halloween

Who is Negan?

Comic book and also tv villain Negan initially showed up in issue #100 of the Walking Dead back in 2012, and also came to our displays in complete profane-laden glory last year, wbelow he was carried to life by commemorated actor Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ. He is the leader of the "Saviours", 500 survivors holed up together in the sanctuary— who respect and are afraid Negan as King. The team subjugates various other communities around the post-apocalyptic world in exchange for defense from the zombies or Walkers.

Brutal, foul-mouthed and also wielding a twisted sense of humour, Negan has a unique personality. He carries a barbed wire-wrapped basesphere bat named Lucille, after his late wife, that is stated briefly in the comics. As well as featuring in the Walking Dead comics and also television present, healso had a unique comic released particularly concentrated on his own mysterious earlier story titled Here"s Negan!. His basesphere bat, harem and also enormous violence proceed to compel fans throughout both mediums.

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A few points to bear in mind as soon as cosplaying Negan

Encouraged by singer Henry Rollins, Negan absolutely has a biker/rocker vibe going. He"s an easy character to play dress-up via, whatever before your gender. You"ll desire many leather, a vivid red scarf and a humongous 32" baseball bat (ideally hollow if you"re planning on partying in bars). Pair via slicked back hair, a devil-may-treatment grin and also a manic gleam to the eyes.

How to dress up as Negan from The Walking Dead yourself

Ready to unleash your inner homicidal maniac-cum-zombie killin" machine? These are the items you’ll require for a DIY Negan costume

Add that additional Halloween touch

Because it’s all around those delicious Halloween sprinkles.

Once you’ve gained the apparel and accessories together, slicked your hair ago and also perfected the casual-but-prepared baseball bat pose, you deserve to get functioning on the happy-but-completely-psycho glint to the eyes (it takes practise).

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Add a dash of God Complex and also voila, you are Negan for the night. Happy Halloween!