Over the course of the year and early on right into the next, Image Comics is releasing a 48-page story informing the increase (or fall) of The Walking Dead"s greatest villain: Negan.

Here"s Negan has actually released 3 "issues" so much which are attached to the Image+ preview magazine each month. Totalling 12 peras so far, a quarter of the story has been told and also it is both frustrating and heartbreaking. We"re going to acquire right into spoilers below, recapping Here"s Negan and what it implies, so much.

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The first four pperiods revealed Negan to be a high institution gym teacher that wanted nothing even more than the admiration of those about him. He was tough on his students despite inviting them to his garage for some ping pong practice and also provided a lot of the foul language we"ve pertained to know from him roughly the teenage boys. After embarrassing one of the young males a little, his wife arrives at home and gently criticizes his actions before fainting.

The following concern, 4 more pages, starts out best where part one left off. Negan huddles over his wife and also cries out for help. The couple is taken to a hospital wright here the physician regretcompletely indevelops them Negan"s wife has actually cancer.

The 3rd and also most recent installment of Here"s Negan starts out with Negan on the edge of an additional woman"s bed deep in thought. After telling this mistress and anxiety he is upset about his wife"s cancer, she kicks him out and tells him not to come ago. He leaves and also goes to his wife"s side, telling him he ended things with the mianxiety and wants to be through her. She isn"t thrilled that it took her diagnosis to assist him realize what he wanted. Over the following few panels, Negan"s wife"s health and wellness diminishes until she is drained of power in a hospital bed yet still manages to crack soft jokes through her husband. Throughout the montage, we view Negan caring for his wife, breaking dvery own only to be supported by her, and a actual plea for her to live on.


A man rushes into the room and tries to pull Negan out, telling him they need to go and his wife is too sick to be saved however Negan insists he will stay behind via her. The man flees the room in an effort to save himself and Negan looks out the home window to view burning cars and also chaos. The apocalypse has actually started.

While a lot even more of Negan"s story is left to be told, with nine even more four-page problems of Here"s Negan in the coming months, we are currently gaining a peek inside of the villain"s head...

First of all, though, exactly how ironic is it that both Negan and also Rick will certainly have actually began their apocalyptic journeys in hospitals? Both under incredibly different situations, sure, yet the mirroring between the two characters has actually constantly existed.

The initially issue, in which Negan menacingly trained his students, showed us Negan"s thirst for control and also approval. Everyone knows bullies are insecure however until now, we never before really experienced Negan"s techniques as anything other than survival methods. In fact, the character was once as human as any type of of us.

He likewise made poor options, as many type of of us have the right to relate to.

Negan was having an affair which provides him little bit sympathy from readers, however, there"s a lot to be sassist around the fact he was not hiding it from his wife. No, that does not make cheating acceptable, but the character always has been hoswarm (okay, mainly... He has taken a few points out of context to store them at his advantage). He isn"t manipulative, simply brutal and also blunt. Clearly on, this is a slight indication that Negan acts before thinking things all the method through because as soon as he realized that his wife"s life remained in jeopardy, he ran earlier and also committed to her when aobtain. Perhaps the exact same point would have actually occurred if she had endangered to leave him (and also meant it).

His attempts at redemption came in that third installment. Negan was at his wife"s side, spending eextremely minute through her possible. He kbrand-new what he wanted and also dedicated himself to it. Sounds a lot prefer the Negan who just wishes to make it through the apocalypse. He cracked jokes to store her soul high and maybe save his true feelings of panic and sadness hidden, he broke down and necessary her to organize him together and inevitably confirmed his true colors as he wimelted for her to beat the illness and also have actually even more time with him.

In the current issues of The Walking Dead comics, Negan uncovered himself meeting the leader of the menacing Whisperers group, Alpha. Alpha is a bald-headed woman that leads ruthmuch less band of folks who wear the faces of the dead and many kind of readers at first though Negan"s instant love for her was bereason of her style of leadership. With these pperiods of Here"s Negan revealed, is it possible Negan attracted on feelings for his wife that shed her hair fighting cancer once he met Alpha?

More importantly, is the Negan seen on these peras still alive, at all? Could The Walking Dead turn right into a redemption story for its best, a lot of brutal villain to date?

So far, Negan"s backstory is both heartbreaking and also infuriating. Everyone has (or at least knows someone who has) made selections they wish they can take back. In Negan"s case, we desire to feel poor for him as he loses his wife, specifically with understanding of the route these horrible moments are going to put him on however it seems he has actually brought them onto himself to an degree. No, he couldn"t have predicted or prevented his wife"s cancer but he still blames himself and also wishes he acted various, thinking it could have readjusted points. The character is plainly tormented in his own head and also needed conserving. Clearly on, it isn"t coming, and fairly than watch the character bounce back in Here"s Negan, we will watch him loss into villainous management.

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As for whether or not we"ll ever see this story shown on tv, we have the right to only hope so, however for now a new trailer for seachild 7 is showing up following month and it could at least market ideas to that Negan"s victim was in the concluding moments of season 6.



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