Boruto FINALLY Introduces Naruto's Many Underrated - and Ominous - Upgrade Boruto Episode 179 lastly reveals Naruto"s the majority of underrated upgrade. Unfortunately, it"s one that sets up some heartbreaking occasions.

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Naruto Vs Sasuke
WARNING: The following includes spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next off Generations Episode 179, "Victor"s Scheme," currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and for manga chapters not yet adapted to the anime.

Naruto concluded a shocking note as Naruto and Sasuke, many thanks to their Rasengan and Chidori respectively, lost their hands in the final battle. As both lay on the ground, missing their limbs, somejust how they had time to joke about their past as they finally buried the hatchet. It was an allegory for the sacrifice it took to defeat Kaguya and also reset the shinobi human being, knowledge they required to put petty distinctions aside.

Now, in Boruto Episode 179, Naruto"s lacking hand is finally addressed and it comes via an underrated and many ominous upgrade.

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Sasuke never reput his absent arm as he acquired older. Instead, he started using his katana more and also perfecting his various other techniques. It was a reminder of just how a lot he needed to atone for attacking Konoha. As for Naruto, his arm was redeveloped utilizing Hashirama"s cells yet bandaged up to avoid looking favor the evil White Zetsu.

However, Katasuke, head of Konoha"s scientific research department, meets Naruto in Episode 179 of Boruto and also Shikamaru, presenting the perfected prosthetic arm. He considers it his greatest development as it"s attuned to Naruto"s chakra, not a basic feat considering Naruto has Kurama, the Nine-Tails Fox, inside him. This suggests Naruto have the right to harness all his power as if it were his genuine hand -- which leaves Katasuke glowing as he hregarding make up for being brainwaburned into leaking Konoha"s keys throughout Boruto"s exams by a mysterious enemy.

Naruto"s excited that he can spar with Boruto and feel choose the good old days aacquire. To him, it"s not simply a protoform, it"s a memento of his past. In the manga, this brand-new arm permitted him to fight as normal. However, this additionally foreshadows death and also devastation. In the manga, Katasuke would certainly provide Kawaki another protoform of this, via Naruto lfinishing the kid chakra to continue to be healthy and for the arm to stay attached. It"s ironic because the anime currently has Kawaki being discovered by Konoha.

The Boruto manga storyline requires Jigen making use of Naruto"s chakra signature and connecting it to Kawaki"s arm. This arm would certainly help the villain track and also situate Kawaki so he can teleport the son in and use him as a vessel to be reborn in. So while it seems all is well, this hand is going to location Kawaki in a really dark spot.

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Furthermore, it"s likewise what drives a wedge in between Naruto and also Boruto as Boruto gets jealous seeing his dad bond through Kawaki in a means they never did. Hence, as Katasuke celebrates his milestone, he has no clue his gift is going to upend Naruto"s civilization by tearing his household apart and inviting in his most dangerous foe.