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My pappy constantly shelp, a woman is favor a motorcycle battery...they"ll both crap out on ya if you lock them in the garage for 2 years. OK, he didn"t say that, yet it"s more than likely true. I charged up the battery 2 days earlier, tested the wiring when, and also disassociated it, and it"s already dead, so that"s not a great sign. Anyjust how, I grounded my taillight tonite, and also saw test every little thing, which didn"t work out as a result of dead battery, however I did alert once I was unscrewing the pos. screw that it was warm/warm, and also I wonder if that is normal or if it means somepoint is fucked up through my circuitry. I"d fairly diagnose it currently than on the road as soon as the battery blows or somepoint catches fire.
It shouldn"t be gaining warm to the touch. It is either too tiny for the amperage passing via it or it is grounding out somewright here. You can desire to reinspect your wiring to make sure the insulation isn"t frayed all over or you do not have actually some connections swapped.
Bad battery. Terminals can gain hot bereason your generator (or alternator) is hauling ass to try to charge it up as soon as it wont take a charge. Swap out the battery and you"ll most likely be golden.
maybe your regulator is fucked and also whatever you utilizing, altenator/generator is overcharging the battery resulting in heat to positive terminal?
I would need to say your wiring is wrong. If it was warm and the bike was not even running then overcharging isn"t also an worry. Double inspect your wiring versus a proven diagram. What sort of bike is it?
It"s an xs650, and also I absolutely have the wiring wrong, bereason on the 1st test, every little thing was wrong (lights and stuff, I didn"t check charging/ignition yet), and the 2nd test the battery was dead. Just wanted to confirm that it was fucked up for the battery to acquire hot, I"m gonna go thru the wiring tomorrow night (hopefully), both the headlight switch and also the revolve signal switch are not acting right, so I more than likely have actually some wires going to the wrong spots. And the battery is probably fucked, spent 2 years in the garage, which is basically saying it invested 2 years outdoors, bereason the garage is full of holes.
if you need a stripped down diagram, I can have the ability to assist you out. I have a 1975 xs650. I carry out not have any signals or switches other than the ignition switch.

First thing put a charge on the battery..test it w/ a voltage meter..12/13 volts? O.K. currently put a fill tester on must drop some however not down substantially. A battery deserve to have 12 volts in it and once put under a fill drop down to 3 volts. NFG. Then take a continuity tester, I favor the audible one..beeps as soon as you touch the 2 leads together..put one on the pos wire that comes off the battery..and also put one on the framework..if it beeps you are grounding some where on the pos side.

At leastern 2 year old lead/acid battery? It"s toast. Especially letting it sit fer 2.Check the wiring and also buy a new battery - period
It"s a sealed battery, not lead acid, yet I still think it is toast, those points will certainly take some abuse yet sitting in my garage is basically like sitting outdoors, there"s no insulation and a bunch of areas for water and also cold and whatever before to creep in. I"m gonna save charging it up to gain the wiring sorted out and then just gain a brand-new one.And Jinx, many thanks for the market, yet I already have actually a couple of diagrams, and the wiring concerns I am having are via the turn signals and the hi/lo switch (the horn functions at least). I think I just have the wires combined up, I tried to Sherlock Holmes which ones went wright here and I should have actually gotten it wrong.

Well, I flipped the switch now, and also nopoint came on, until I dislinked the brand-new ground from the taillight, then 3 out of 4 of the rotate signals came on, however that was it, and also hitting the switch does not make anypoint bconnect. The pos side of the battery was still hot, I"m gonna try and grab some of the experimentation stuff you guys are talking about, but I think I certainly need to reexecute the wiring. I have some splices and also y-connectors and also shit favor that on the method from, hopetotally that will certainly at leastern tighten up my relationships, which ideal now are simply wires twisted together which is adding to the bullshit. I"m gonna include a tough ground to the headlight too, which is additionally self-grounded however I think makes a poor link.
Sugarlou and Flatironmike are right, if that battery has been left to earth itself for 2 years you have the right to sling it without even looking, and if you don"t have a multimeter, acquire one.solve your relations, fit a brand-new battery and also attempt again
It sounds to me like you have actually a straight short in your wiring. I have the right to hook you up through a minimal wiring diagram for XS choppers.

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I ordered a brand-new battery, a smaller one as recommfinished by someone on the CU board, I acquired it as I was leaving town so I haven"t had actually a chance to install it, plus it has push in connectors rather of the bolts, so I have to figure that out. I have actually a feeling that it may be as well small a battery, however if it functions that would certainly be nice, at leastern so I deserve to figure out the wiring. I am pretty certain that I have actually whatever hooked up right, it"s not prefer it"s that many kind of wires, although my father came over to look and blasted me for my shitty relationships. He thinks that since I twisted whatever together (just for temp testing purposes), I"m acquiring bad flow, so I will certainly more than likely crimp on all my connectors as well.
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