Are your Galaxy Keep in mind 4 works gradually or freezing? Or it drains the battery as well fast? Factory reset Keep in mind 4 right now! If you are facing the exact same difficulty and trying to find a far better solution, then you landed below on the appropriate web page.

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If your Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4 functions gradually, it indicates that it’s high time to factory reset your device. Today in our article, we will comment on how to manufacturing facility recollection your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in two ways and also by adhering to simply basic measures. So, please review our article carefully; you will certainly acquire all the details in that issue.

A factory reset allows your phone to feature smoothly and get earlier to its normal position. We need to execute the factory reset to resolve assorted issues related to our tool. After the factory recollection, all settings will certainly return to their defaults, and all data will certainly be deleted.

Tright here are a few factors you could want to reset your device, Maybe your tool has some external worries, or you desire to offer your phone. Well, whatever the factor is, the procedure of factory reestablishing your phone is always the very same.

But prior to you factory reset your phone, constantly keep in mind that you have backed-up all your data; otherwise, your information will certainly be lost and deserve to never be reextended. So, without better aexecute, let’s take a look at the entirety criteria of factory reset your device.

How To Factory Recollection Your Galaxy Note 4?

Tright here are two techniques to factory recollection your gadget and get ago to its normal place. A simple means of factory resetting your device is via the settings food selection, while a slightly facility version of manufacturing facility reestablishing is by making use of hardware butlots.

Factory Recollection Note 4 Using The Setups Menu

This technique works well and is the most basic way of resetting your tool. But before reestablishing, usage the android data recoextremely tool to back up your essential data. Let’s take a look in the direction of the steps:

Go to the “Settings Menu” from the residence display apps.In the settings food selection, search for “Back-up And Reset” alternative and click on it.From the top of the food selection, choose your choice for “Google Backup.”Then click the “Factory Reset” choice at the bottom of the screen.The pop-up window will present you a message around information loss, confirm your action, and also click on the reset choice.By confirming this action, your Galaxy Keep in mind 4 will immediately reboot and also reset itself.After the entirety process is completed, you have the right to now restore your apps and data.

Factory Reset Note 4 Using Hardware Buttons

This technique is a little tricky from the over method. Still, this strategy mirrors 100% performance and also takes your device to its normal position. Take a look at the actions.


Turn off your Galaxy Keep in mind 4 and take out the SD card, if possible.Press and host the “Power Button And Volume Up Button” and also the “Home Button” at the very same time until you watch “Recoextremely Booting Option” in the coloured message at the optimal of your screen. Once you view, release the butloads gradually.Now you are in the recovery mode. In the recoincredibly mode, you have the right to usage the “Volume Button” for up and also down on the screen and also “Power Button” to confirm your action.Press the “Power Button” to confirm your action.Scroll down and also aacquire press the power switch to confirm yes.Wait until the process has been completed.After the procedure has been completed, you will see a notification in yellow at the bottom of the screen.Now it’s time to execute the last procedure.Scroll down and navigate for “Reboot Option.”Hit the power switch to confirm your activity. Your Galaxy Note 4 will currently reboot.Once the reboot process is completed, you can restore your data and apps.


So, those are the 2 methods to factory recollection Note 4 gadget. Both techniques are 100% successful. After erasing all the data, you deserve to have a new favor phone.

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