You’re more than likely sick of looking at the growing barrier of ice around your ice maker, and struggling to acquire a secure supply of ice cubes for your drinks.

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 All of this isn’t good for your fridge, and repairs can expense you hassle and also money.

Calling a skilled is a need to if you must resolve a complicated difficulty without voiding your warranty.

You might must contact a phardwood in to fix supply difficulties through the water lines. If your water supply lines are regularly freezing up, they might should be insulated to prevent this problem from reemerging.

Electric ‘Eye’ (Sensor) Fault

Some ice makers have an electric ‘eye’ sensor that tells the ice maker when the ice cube holder on the door is full. On some models this looks prefer a red light resource on one side and a sensor on the other side of the freezer.

When this light is interrupted or blocked the ice maker gets the message not to dump any kind of more ice right into the ice bin/container. Problems via this sensor device deserve to cause a earlier – up or a lessening in the ice manufacturing.

Fixing Sensor Faults

If you’re lucky, tright here may just be something blocking the sensor. Potentially also some ice!

However before, if there’s an problem with the electrical ‘eye’ or the sensor mechanism itself, this can be very costly to repair.

Our ideal advice is to call the retailer or manufacturer of your appliance, and also obtain numerous quotes from dependable technicians to have it repaired if it’s no longer under warranty.

If your appliance is an older model to start via and also you may be up to considering a finish replacement, compare prices and specials accessible on fridges in your area – you may spend less on a whole new fridge than you would repairing a sensor fault.

You Have a Dead Heating Element

This sounds contrary to organic legislation, however your ice maker actually has a heating facet inside it. This heating facet or heating coil is offered to melt the surface of the ice cubes in the tray sufficient that they have the right to be easily separated and also ejected from the tray.

If the heating aspect is dead, then the ice maker will be blocked up via a buildup of ice (frozen up) and also the ice maker won’t have the ability to push the frozen ice out of the trays.

Fixing A Dead Heating Element

If your heating aspect is entirely dead, it’s often wise to execute some study and job-related out the price of components for your design of refrigerator’s ice maker. Often replacing parts choose a heating facet have the right to cost more to replace than having a brand-new ice maker set up.

Discuss the worry through your appliance retailer or manufacturer, check your warranty condition for the appliance, and also then decide whether a repair is worthwhile.

Problems with the Freezer Cooling/Evaporator Coils

If cold air from the freezer cooling coils is circulating about components that it shouldn’t be, ice maker water have the right to freeze in the wrong place. You need that cold air to remain firmly within the freezer cooling coils and not escape!

Fixing Frozen Coils

Check the coils on the earlier of the fridge (especially the bends) for splits, cracks, holes or bypasses. Feel for cold air circulating from the cold side of the coils into the water supply location of the ice maker.

If you find any kind of damages, holes or rusted areas, clean the trouble area gently via sand also paper, and rerelocate any dirt or debris entirely; especially refrigerant oil.

Being cautious not to press any type of debris into any existing holes.

If there’s no obvious patches you can cover, this is the time to call a skilled. I’ve outlined the measures to checking and also solving this yourself, however you’ll need a vacuum pump and also epoxy putty.

Remember, utilizing a qualified and also licensed H.V.A.C expert is necessary to keeping the warranty problems on a lot of appliances.

Connect a vacuum pump to the fridge’s refrigerant business valve, which is near the compressor. It looks favor a really significant valve that you would discover on a auto tire.

A hand also hosted automotive vacuum pump will job-related excellent here.

Pull a vacuum via the vacuum pump, trying to develop a vacuum of at least 10 inches of mercury. If there’s a large leak in the cooling coil, you might not have the ability to obtain this kind of vacuum analysis at all. If you’ve patched an obvious leak in the coil, the vacuum will certainly pull the patch into the leak, sealing it off even more properly.

Take a 1 inch piece of epoxy putty in your hands and knead it till it’s the same shade and texture throughout. Once the putty looks unidevelop, push the putty over the leaking location, making certain to wrap the putty roughly the coil. The patch of putty have to cover around ½ of an inch over the edges of the leak/hole. Remember the drying time for epoxy putty, you must obtain it completely applied within 3 minutes of mixing it or it may harden up.

Go back to your vacuum gauge and pull 10 inches of mercury vacuum on the refrigerant system. Later on disaffix the vacuum pump.

After a day, inspect the vacuum analysis aobtain. Tright here is still a leak somewright here if the vacuum reading has actually dropped. If this is the case inspect aobtain for any evident signs of damage or wear and also repair these.


Tbelow you have actually it – 8 freezing causes through very various levels of intricacy to settle.

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I hope at leastern one of these fixes has provided your ice maker a brand-new lease on life. If it’s happened once it might occur aget, so keep an eye out for that certain problem reoccuring.

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