3 common reasons why a woguy will certainly like your social media write-ups after a break up are that:

1. She Wants to Show You That She’s Still Interested


Many woguys are reasonably nice people, so also after a break up, a woman could continue to make an initiative to make her ex feel excellent about himself as they drift apart.

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For example: A womale might choose his social media short articles as a means of letting him recognize that she’s not holding a grudge versus him for what occurred in between them.

Alternatively, she might be letting him recognize that they can still be friends even though they’re no longer together.

Whatever the situation is for you, it’s essential that you pick up the opening she has actually provided you (by liking your short articles, adhering to you on social media or watching your Snapchats) and also get her on a phone call so you have the right to fulfill up through her in perchild.

In perkid, you will be able to completely attract her ago, hook up through her and also obtain an additional possibility.

For example: If a woman broke up via a guy because he was as well gentle, soft and scheduled approximately her, he needs to now present her that he’s more confident, ballsy and assertive (without going overboard and trying to display off).

He needs to let her view that he has actually transformed and also she deserve to currently feel attracted to him in the ways that are covertly important to her.

Alternatively, if a woguy damaged up through a male bereason he took her for granted and also was dealing with her badly for means too long, he demands to currently present her that he’s not that guy anyeven more.

Of course, it’s not that simple though, so don’t obtain me wrong here.

If you gained dumped for dealing with her badly, she’s not going to rush back into your arms if you panic and desperately began dealing with her prefer a princess.

Women are turned off by desperation in men, so if she dumped you for not treating her well enough, you need to relax and be calm as you begin to treat her better.

Don’t attempt to suck as much as her bereason she will watch that as despeprice and also feel turned off.

Just relax, continue being the cool male that you are, while additionally being a bit nicer to her.

Don’t end up being a super nice male who worships the ground she walks on bereason she will certainly see it as despeprice and also you will lose that cool edge you’ve always had as a guy.

Just relax and be a much better man, however don’t go overboard.

Okay, so let’s get back to her liking your posts…

Even if your ex is a nice perchild and is just liking your social media write-ups to make you feel much better, it doesn’t expect you need to sit earlier and carry out nothing about it.

Open the lines of communication between you and also her.

For example: You could message her and suggest that you and her have the right to be friends.

You: Hey Rebecca…simply believed I’d say hi. How’s things? Miss you.Her: Hey…I’m great. What’s up?

Then, simply contact her.

Don’t waste time texting ago and forth and also potentially turning her off or acquiring right into a message exadjust wbelow you are trying too tough.

Just speak to her, get her smiling and also laughing on the phone with you and then suggest recording up to say hi.

If she is privately open up to getting ago via you, she will certainly say, “Yes” and satisfy up through you.

If she doesn’t want to fulfill up with you, then considering that she is looking at your social media posts, begin making her feel jealous by posting up photos of you having fun via friends.

Many kind of men are worried about posting up photos like that bereason they don’t want to piss off their ex.

Yet, you need to understand also exactly how a woman’s attractivity for a guy really functions.

When she sees him looking confident approximately various other civilization who prefer him and also want him to be there, it renders her feel more attracted.

Likewise, if there are woguys in some of the photos, she then gets worried that some of those womales might prefer him and he will then relocate on.

This encourages her to desire to satisfy up with him and see exactly how points go, prior to it’s as well late and also he moves on.

Of course, she could pretfinish to be angry and also say, “I watch that you’re having fun through all those girls” (and also not also mention that the photos largely included guys), to check out if he panics.

If he panics and says, “No, I don’t favor any kind of of those woguys. I didn’t also want to be tright here that day bereason I was thinking of you” she then loses all the attraction that she was privately feeling for him as an outcome of the photos.

A much better response is to laugh and say somepoint choose, “Why? Are you jealous?” and then laugh at her and through her about it in a playful way.

Additionally, you can say, “Hey, not that you would treatment anymethod, right? We’re broken up remember. I still love you, but I’ve embraced your decision to not want to be together anyeven more.”

If she covertly desires you ago, saying that to her is like a knife to the heart, which is the majority of most likely exactly how you felt once she broke up via you.

She then starts to desire to you back so she deserve to feel much better around herself.

Anvarious other factor why she could be clicking prefer on your social media write-ups (or viewing your Snapchat posts) is that…

3. She’s Trying to Mess With Your Head and also Get You Wondering What Her Clicking Like Means

Sometimes, a woman could feel exceptionally angry or resentful around what occurred in between her and her ex and also desire revenge.

So, she will lead him on and also pretfinish to be interested, while she secretly tries to discover a replacement man.

For example: She could think to herself, “I’m going to acquire revenge for the pain he resulted in me. I’m going to mess with his head by liking his social media write-ups. He will certainly then be wondering what it means and maybe even begin hoping that it’s a sign that I desire him back. I’ll confuse the crap out of him. That’ll serve him ideal for dealing with me the method he did!”

If he then tries to call her, she could neglect him altogether, or respond through something prefer, “What execute you want?” or “Why are you contacting me? It’s over between us. Just because I favor some of your social media short articles, it doesn’t intend all is forprovided and that I desire you ago. I was just being nice. Please leave me alone and also give me the room I asked for.”

He could then lose hope and provide up on the idea of acquiring her earlier.

Yet, here’s the thing…

Even as soon as a woman has shed respect, attractivity and also love for a man, to the point wbelow she’s trying to mess via his head to get revenge on him, it doesn’t intend he can’t make her change just how she feels.

Feelings adjust all the time.

For example: Think around how your ex went from feeling neutral towards you, to liking you, loving you and then not loving you anymore.

Her feelings literally adjusted several times.

In the same way, you deserve to adjust how she feels again.

When you trigger her feelings of attractivity for you (e.g. by being confident and also figured out, making her smile, laugh and also feel excellent to be communicating via you aobtain, making her feel feminine and girly in comparison to your emotional masculinity) it becomes tough for her to organize onto thoughts about you.

She stops wanting to mess with your head and also she starts wondering what it would feel prefer to be in a connection via the brand-new and also enhanced you.

When that happens, she can’t sheight herself from wanting to communicate via you via message, social media, on the phone and in perkid, also though she formerly assumed that she was over you.

She feels attracted to you and from tright here, you have the right to develop on that initial spark of attractivity and confidently guide her back right into a partnership with you.

3 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

When a woman likes your social media posts, it’s exceptionally challenging to recognize her exact intentions.

Sure, you have the right to speculate, however you will most likely never before understand the precise fact.

So, it’s normally much better to simply go ahead and focus on re-sparking her feelings for you, rather than wasting time trying to number out what she really suggests.

Wright here some guys go wrong is by making some of the complying with mistakes:

1. Over analyzing her actions on social media

Sometimes a male can follow his ex’s eexceptionally move digital in an effort to understand also her feelings for him.

He’s hoping that she can say or perform something that will clearly tell him that she still cares around him.

For example: A woguy might short article comments on social media favor, “Sunday nights are the loneliest,” or “I’m having so much fun these days.”

He ex could then read her comments and begin wondering, “What did she mean by that comment? Could she be hinting that she desires to acquire ago together aacquire because she is lonely without me?” or “If she’s happy being single, I probably don’t stand a opportunity with her aobtain, right?”

If she clicks prefer on one of his articles on Facebook, is continuing to follow him on Twitter or Instagram or is watching his Snapchat videos, he may then begin to imagine what it can all mean.

He could say to himself, “She clicked like…so, does that mean she is interested?” or “She watched my video. Does that suppose she is missing me?” or, “She didn’t prefer this/that photo, what does it mean? Could it be bereason she doesn’t prefer the photo, or is it bereason she doesn’t favor me anymore?”

Yet, here’s the thing…

You will certainly drive yourself crazy are always trying to understand what your ex suggests once she likes your social media articles.

You should foracquire about what she means and focus rather on proactively making her feel respect and also attractivity for you aacquire.

That’s what really matters.

Right currently, she might be clicking favor, but that doesn’t expect she has strong feelings for you, or that she is sitting at home thinking, “I’m so glad we’re damaged up. I hate him. I don’t desire point to do via him.”

Her click, follow or check out of your social media task might suppose a entirety bunch of things, but what really matters is this…

Does she feel attracted to you?

Is she feeling a raising desire to gain back through you?

Do you recognize what to say and also do to acquire her back if you speak to her and accomplish up via her?

Are you simply wasting priceless time giving her many room and hoping that she comes back?

If you’re not doing a lot to actively gain her ago and also are ssuggest hoping that she contacts you through social media, message or calls you, then you might be waiting for a lengthy time and she may simply relocate on without you.

Alternatively, if you speak to her on the phone and trigger her feelings for you again by making her laugh, smile and feel excellent to be talking to you aobtain, it won’t matter what she really suggests by liking your articles because she will be feeling attracted to you ideal then and also tright here.

Her guard will come dvery own and also she will certainly be open to recording up through you in perkid, wright here you deserve to then obtain her ago for genuine.

Anvarious other mistake to stop is…

2. Posting up things that rotate her off

For example: A guy could short article “pity me” type write-ups or status updates, as a method of gaining her attention.

He might post a standing upday choose, “This has actually been a tough year for me. I never before assumed love was so complex,” or “What execute women want? I have actually no clue. Maybe I doomed to be single for life!”

He may hope, “If she sees just how badly I’m hurting, she will certainly feel sorry around the way she treated me. She then will certainly call me to apologize and also we deserve to obtain ago together.”

Another instance is as soon as a male uses social media to rant around women or relationships and mostly comordinary around his life.

Once aacquire, he may be hoping that his ex will pick up on his state of mind and also feel negative for what occurred or just how she treated him.

Yet, that’s not generally just how it functions.

A woguy doesn’t desire to be via a guy out of a sense of pity or guilt.

Instead, she wants to be via him bereason it feels excellent to be around him (i.e. she feels respect for him, she feels sexually attracted to him, she loves him).

So, if a man tries to acquire his ex’s pity through social media, fairly than make her think, “Awww, my ex is really hurting. I’m being such a bitch to him. I have to contact him up and check out if we deserve to occupational points out between us,” she will generally simply block him from her social media accounts and also try to move on.

Anvarious other mistake that guys make is…

3. Posting up photos of himself alone

This is the a lot of prevalent mistake that I view males make once they are in the procedure of trying to gain a woguy earlier.

He will want to display his ex that tbelow are no other woguys or world in his life and also he’s essentially just sitting about waiting for her.

Yet, woguys don’t feel attracted to loneliness and also desperation in males.

Womales feel attracted to males who are liked by various other human being and who have the confidence to obtain on through enjoying life, with or without her around.

So, acting choose you are patiently waiting for her and have nopoint else going on in your life isn’t going to help you gain her ago.

Important: It’s not sufficient to article up photos of yourself doing fun things alone (e.g. taking your initially flying leschild, going to the beach alone, taking photos of the food you are eating).

She demands to be able to check out you around various other people, so she deserve to believe that you aren’t just sitting approximately feeling lonely and sad without her.

That’s what really renders a difference and also enables a womale to relax and open up earlier approximately her male, fairly than being afraid that he’s obsessing over her and desperately requirements her ago ASAP.

Additionally, some men think that posting up good looking photos of themselves alone will perform the trick.

He will assume that if he looks excellent physically, his ex will feel jealous and also start to problem around shedding him to another womale.

He’s hoping that she’ll think somepoint like, “Wow, my ex looks really good. I’m sure he’s acquired women lined up wanting to date him now. I’d much better get in touch with him appropriate amethod prior to some other woman snaps him up and I lose him forever.”

Yet, quite than feel jealous, his ex will certainly typically feel turned off by his lonely, poser photo.


She has to wonder why he is alone.

Why isn’t he about other people? Do civilization not choose him currently because he’s lost so much confidence after being dumped? Has he shed his social confidence after being dumped and can’t work up the courage to acquire out and also have some fun? Is he shed without her?

If she thinks those types of thoughts around him, she will shed even even more respect and attractivity for him.

So, what need to you perform rather of posting up lonely photos of yourself trying to look your best?

Focus on genuinely having fun in your life and article up photos on social media to let her watch that (e.g. having fun through friends or other womales, traveling, doing something daring choose bungee jumping, going for a dayexpedition somewright here via friends, partying through friends, trying a brand-new outdoor activity with friends).

Note: If your ex unfriends you from Facebook, simply make sure that you collection the photos to “public” so she have the right to watch them from the outside anyway.

I’ve assisted 100s of men to get their women earlier and also what I’ve found is that just by being roughly various other human being (quite than being alone) and mirroring her that you’re happy without her, is typically sufficient to make her call you or be open to meeting up with you in perchild.

However before, if she sees that you are alone all the time, or that nothing special or new is going on in your life, she will certainly fear that you will desperately try to acquire her earlier if she meets up via you or mirrors too a lot interemainder on a phone speak to.

Make it Happen, Before it’s Too Late

Sometimes, a male deserve to waste the majority of time waiting for clear, evident indications from his ex that she’s interested in obtaining back together aacquire.

For example: He could say to himself, “I understand that my ex has been liking my social media posts, but what if she’s simply doing that to be nice? I should be certain that she desires be back 100% prior to I risk contacting her. I don’t want to jump to conclusions and then uncover out that I was wrong. That will be humiliating. So, I’m going to wait around and also see what happens. I’m sure that she will eventually give me a really noticeable sign that she wants me earlier and also I will then make my relocate.”

Unfortunately, many women won’t do that.

In most instances, when a woman is open to the principle of getting back together with her ex, she won’t tell him that she desires him earlier or give him a crystal clear sign because she doesn’t want to seem as well basic.

She additionally desires to check out what sort of guy he is (i.e. does he have actually the balls to obtain her back, even though she’s not giving him 100% clear signs?)

If her ex doesn’t have actually the confidence to ssuggest pick up the phone and also arrange a accomplish up with her, she will certainly usually simply move on and forget about him fairly than trying to aid him via the ex back process.

So, if you desire to get your ex earlier, you must be emotionally courageous sufficient to call her, fulfill up through her and also begin the ex ago procedure, quite than waiting about for indicators from her that she wants you back.

The sooner you get her on a phone contact with you and trigger her feelings of respect and attractivity for you aget, the quicker she will certainly be back in your arms.

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