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This is a scent based reactivity.While it might seem gross or stselection to us, dogs communicate and understand also mainly with scent. It is not unwidespread for dogs to eat socks, underwear, or also sweaty gym garments in particular- or to really thoapproximately lick those items or roll on them. If you have the right to find a hamper that has a latch on it, or also location somepoint via a small bit of weight (but not something that would be dangerous if it fell) on the lid of your hamper, your dog will certainly be much less likely to have the ability to acquire to and also damage your undergarments.

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Daniella F.

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Publication a StayRichmond, VA

Its all about the scent they smell through their effective noses and typically the crotch location is the location via the many "" whether you favor it or not

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Lana S.
Publication a StayHedgesville, WV

Scent is a dog" communication. They tend to smell the crotch location, perhaps because it is in reach or the strongest scent closest to them. Underwear and also socks are 2 common things dogs eat. Strong scent.

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Brittany S.
Publication a StayPueblo, CO


This is a prevalent instance. Your dog finds your scent comforting so your underwear is an excellent source of your scent.

You can:

Placed your underwear ameans to the dog can" obtain to themGive toys/chewsSome dogs will certainly overgrow the behavior

I would recommend keeping a cshed eye on your dog after eating your underwear. Fabric is not good for their GI tract. Hopecompletely it will certainly pass without seeing a vet. Normally a vet will perform x rays and also perhaps surgery

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Take the dog" playthings and also rub them intensely on your crotch. That" connect even more plainly and also safely

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Tatiana S.
Publication a StayHURRICANE, UT

Honestly, if your dog is a little of a crotch-sniffer then they could identify the scent coming from your underwear.

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