A while back I noticed my hair thinning out, so my wife suggested I obtain a buzz cut. After I did that, our babsence lab incessantly tries to lick my buzzed head. I'll come house after occupational and also sit on the couch and also tbelow he is, drooling over the prospect of grooming me.

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My dog obsessively licks everything. The floor, my feet, doors, walls, her bed...She does drive by licks where she'll lick my leg as she's running around. Doesn't slow dvery own or anything, simply shoots her tongue out and also runs by.

LOL drive-by licks? That sounds choose our other dog, a little Pappillon mix. She licks EVERYTHING, she's worn holes in the couch by licking in the same area for hours!

Hahaha that's precisely choose my Wolfhound mix!! He will be playing wildly through a toy or stick then suddenly trot over, give a quick lick to whatever before part of me is in reach, then dash ago to his game. I love it.

My girl licks my feet, hands, and face when she have the right to.

My mom's larger chihuahua is an obsessive licker, we tell him "No lick" or "No tongue" to remind him to stop. His jaw is malcreated, so his tongue sticks out all the moment and also and I imagine it should be hard for him not to lick. Here's a snapshot of him fully calm and here's a snapshot of him fully alert

My female jack russell loves licking our faces, yet only my boy and the male dog will certainly put up through it for long.

When my brother-in-regulation was over, she was sitting on his lap. I said to him "I bet she would love your bald head". He took off his hat and she jumped appropriate up got his head with her paws and started licking choose crazy.

My boxer will certainly lick my head if I am on the floor playing via her. She generally will certainly simply go for moupoint my hands. She doesn't bite, or even cshed dvery own. She simply prefer touches my hand also through her mouth and then goes for the other one. If I hide my hands, she starts licking my head or face commonly. And via that massive ole tongue she have the right to cover most ground on my bald head.

Our Boxer does this to my husband EVERY single night. I thought it was just a grooming/loving gesture. I love that they have such a unique bond.

Our dachshund licks my hubby's head as well. It's kinda adorable, she doesn't execute it to anyone else.

Our yorkie is obsessed via licking my daughters face and also nose.He will execute it over and over.Whereas my gold is obsessed through licking my legs until it gets irritating and also I tell him to Quit it

He loves feet and also palms. Not hands, simply the palm side. He will nudge my hand also over if I try and flip it.

My dog does the exact exact same point. Typically not until after I have actually taken him for his evening walk, however then he loves licking my head clean off whatever before is on it. I also shave my head for what it's worth.

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