Hello gang !when I chose to obtain chickens I knew I didnt want to store them in a run a all day and so much so excellent, they obtain to array everyday through no difficulties our dog wont bvarious other the hens yet he does follow them about waiting for them to drop a tasty treat.I dont want to fence anyone in and also was wondering if anyone else had to deal with this issue?? Albert is our pooch and also yes he"s the little turd I have actually as my avitar.Thanks for reading

LOL! I do not recognize exactly how to sheight that. My dang dogs love to assault the bottoms of my shoes as soon as ever before I come in out of the yard. You can develop the dog a pen... LOL. My chickens run totally free, and my dogs have actually a fenced in yard.

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dogs simply like poop. cat poop. steed poop. cow poop. They eat it. They roll in it. They enjoy finding brand-new and also amazing provides for it.
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dogs just choose poop. cat poop. horse poop. cow poop.They eat it. They roll in it. They enjoy finding new and amazing provides for it.

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Couldn"t a sassist it much better. 13 years old and also still obsessed through poop. The coyote poop is specifically fragrant!

My main worry was my dog acquiring sick, if that was the case I will look right into fencing in the hens which I dont desire to do?
I do not worry about it anymore. When I obtained my birds I was afraid they"d pick up somepoint, however my birds are healthy. We have to carry out fecals twice a year to kennel them, and also they constantly come back clear, even via the dogs eating the chicken poop, rodents, dead birds and also anypoint else they discover. And they drink the marsh and pond water all the moment. Vet claims they are in super health and wellness and also save up whatever before I"m doing. Apparently chicken poop makes them healthy.
I consider it a blessing , I hated chicken poop on the poarch, however because getting the puppies not only perform the chickens remain off the poarch more, every poop is licked clean! They aren"t permitted in the coop or it would certainly be licked clean also, then the chickens scratch apart the dog poop. It"s the circle of life!!PS. I bet you aren"t among those that kisses their dog now are you?
My dog is a nutter he is 7 and we have always had actually various other pets so given that he was a puppy he has actually eaten bird seed, bird feathers, rablittle food, and also the poo of chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds,it is a tiny gross
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