Does your DISH receiver (DVR 625, 722, 612, 512, Hopper models) keep turning on and off?

Does it constantly crash and reboot itself for no obvious reason? Some days it works, some days not? Is it overheating?

Perhaps you were told by DISH customer business that you need a technician to take a look at it – at your cost.

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Or did they have actually you rerevolve your receiver and also ship you a “new” one that does the very same precise thing?

Perhaps you have gone with multiple receivers by now via the exact same result. Even worse, you lose all your recordings in your DVR and your timers everytime this happens.

Sound all also familiar? Well we’ve been tbelow and done that far as well many kind of times till lastly we found this “high-tech” solution:

Due to the fact that making use of the huge fan was also noisy, we tried a USB fan. It has been running non-stop, 24-7, for 11 months currently and also we haven’t had actually a trouble through the DVR given that, even on hot days through no AC on in the residence. It sindicate plugs into the USB port on the earlier of the DVR for power, straightforward peasy!

The inner fan on our DISH DVR 625 receiver was reportedly not functioning favor it should. But tright here was no rhyme or reason to as soon as it did work-related. Sometimes the fan would certainly work for a week, then never aobtain for 2 weeks. Then possibly eincredibly various other day.

DISH Technical Support – “Will It Go Round In Circles?!”

We referred to as DISH Technical Support multiple times, reaching multiple tech levels and they provided us all type of reasons why our receiver wasn’t functioning.:

It might be your outlet. Are you using a power bar or expansion cord? No. Try another outlet. Didn’t occupational.Try rebooting. Nope. No joy.Deactivate the “Inactivity Standby” setting. “That is absolutely the solution,” one tech told us. Nada.Does it have actually enough airflow? Yes, plenty. It’s currently sitting on a milk cprice via plenty of aeration from top to bottom, side to side. Didn’t occupational.

I asked them if it could be overheating bereason the inner fan doesn’t work-related anyeven more. No, they didn’t think that was the problem. But I thought it was. So I stuck a fan alongside it the next time it cramelted and also it has actually never before crashed and rebooted since. But this is ridiculous that I need to run a fan to make DISH’s equipment work. But they won’t offer us a different model box or upgrade us.

The “New” Receiver They Sfinish to Rearea Your Busted One Is Also Busted

All those “new” receivers they were sending us were in fact just used, refurbiburned units that had actually the exact same faulty difficulty – the fan doesn’t job-related as soon as the unit heats up. We went with 5 receivers before lastly we gave up. I’m guessing every technician knows about the faulty fans and devices, yet they can’t admit that because DISH is not having new ones made and are not addressing the old receivers, so they have actually no solution.

The just way we have the right to get a brand-new receiver version is if we obtain a HD TV. Yes, I know – We are still among the few Americans who don’t have HD. But there’s nopoint wrong with our TV, so we’re not obtaining a new one simply to obtain an additional DISH receiver that might or may not job-related. Besides that, Comactors has actually ultimately currently mounted cable in our area. And yes, we will most likely be switching from one evil to another, yet at least we don’t need to run a fan to watch TV.

“You Will Save $10/Month” – Record Your Conversations or Get It In Writing

Oh, and an additional way DISH screwed us was their bogus “Switch your phone and internet to us and conserve $10 off your monthly bill” promise. The rep told us that absolutely we would save money off our monthly bill. After we switched, our bill currently is even more than $10 greater than what we had initially.

We dubbed and also they said, “Oh, well the price didn’t incorporate taxes and fees.” Do you think we are that stupid? We asked them that incredibly question and they sassist it was included. But now it’s our word against theirs. We escalated it to the greatest manager level and also he said tright here was nothing he could execute. So be warned. Tape your conversations or obtain it in composing any promise DISH renders to you around pricing. We will never before usage DISH again bereason of this.

Sheight The Insanity

I composed this article to hopefully save some of you from extreme frustration and also your valuable time. For hours, I review through plenty of DISH forum threads through many civilization having the very same problem via not just our 625 receiver design, but others DISH Netoccupational Receivers also (DISH DVR 722, 612, 512, Hopper) and also no one knew what to execute, simply most guesses.

I can’t tell you exactly how many hrs we spent with customer assistance, on the forums, chat aid, email aid without any promise of nearing a solution. Hopefully this will deal with your trouble. Godrate.

You Can Use A USB Fan So It’s Not So Ugly

If you don’t want to use a regular fan like we did bereason it takes up also much space and looks pretty darn ugly (we originally did this once we initially composed this short article – you can check out photo listed below, however then switched to a USB fan), then you have the right to attempt a USB fan if your receiver has actually an input for one.

Even as old as ours receiver is, we have a USB port so I’m guessing the majority of models carry out.

I haven’t tried a USB fan, but I plugged a USB powered light into the earlier of our DISH receiver to check it and it powered it just fine. I understand others have provided USB fans on their DISH receivers with no problems.

Another plus is the USB fans are much quieter than a consistent desk fan.

Edit: As you have watched from the second photo in this post, we have actually given that switched to utilizing a USB fan that has worked perfectly for us and also is super-quiet. The DVR hasn’t once shut off or rebooted since utilizing it.

We are using the ARCTIC Breeze Fan, yet the Thermaltake and AC Infinity Fans pointed out listed below are likewise great buys as well.

I read in one forum wbelow someone offered the Thermaltake USB Fan II to store their DVR receiver cool and also it operated really well. He said he ran it 24-7 and also it never before failed.

The AC Infinity Fan is one more option to cool multiple kinds of electronics – AV receivers, Xbox, routers, computers, modems, and so on.

I recently bought the Infinity to keep my lapheight from overheating. I favor it comes with a plug adapter you have the right to usage in any typical outlet in addition to the usb connection.

(This is the setup we tried first before acquiring the USB fan.) After trying countless receivers & other remedies through DISH support eventually giving no other aid, this stupid fan blowing on the receiver is what ultimately operated. The DVR hasn’t failed because. Yeah, it’s an ugly and also noisy setup, so that’s why we switched to utilizing the USB fan.

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After 5 years, my dish receiver would repeatedly reboot and go through the “get satellite” program. Dish sent me a replacement receiver, at my price, but it did the very same point. In full I spent around 5 hrs trying various options from either Dish or others. It has been exceptionally heat in my home this summer and I thought warm might be the trouble. I listed that the receiver would certainly gain to around 110 F once it would certainly begin acting up. So I propped the Dish receiver up on blocks and pointed a large fan at it. The fan would certainly keep the receiver at around 90 F and also it operated fine for 2 hours. I turned the fan off and the receiver crashed within 5 minutes. I’m surprised this was an concern after 5 years, and that it affected the replacement receiver also.