It have the right to be a little bit jarring to hear your power supply clicking at first, because you aren’t sure what the clicking also is. However before, if you hear your computer clicking, this is most likely going to be the first location you have to inspect. It isn’t upcoming for a power supply to be making noise, however a PSU making a clicking noise is something that needs to be investigated as quickly as possible.

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To much better understand why your PSU is making noise, continue analysis this post.

Why Is Your Power Supply Clicking?


Power Supply Fan Squeaking

Another option to consider is that it isn’t your power supply that is squeaking and ticking, but the fan. A power supply fan squeaks once it has come loose or as soon as it is so gunked dvery own via dust and also debris that it can’t relocate anymore.

Check The Input & Output Ports

Another difficulty is that the input and also outport components that control dust will certainly gain clogged over time. If your computer is older, these filters can accumulate dust and also acquire clogged, making the PSU fan work-related harder and begin to click. If you put your computer on the floor or a tough desk, this is many likely the culprit of the noise.

Clean the PSU fan and also filter intake on a semi-continuous basis to stop this difficulty. You have the right to usage compressed air to attain this. In the future, keep your situation away from walls and desk siding to stop the buildup.

Check Other Culprits To Clicking Noises On The Computer

If you’ve gone through the checks above and also you still hear power supply clicking noises, it might be that the clicking isn’t coming from the power supply at all, but quite something near the power supply.

Other common components of your computer system that make a clicking noise incorporate the disc drive, speakers, hard drive, motherboard, cooling devices, DVD drive, CD drive, and even the coils.

Conclusion: Eliminate Computer Power Supply Clicking Noise

Hearing your PSU clicking have the right to be a little bit jarring, particularly if it is out of the blue and also you’ve never heard it before. However before, it is a fairly prevalent issue and one that deserve to be fixed in a few easy procedures. Try to isolate the sound and view if it is actually coming from the power supply itself, which is much less likely, or if it is coming from the power supply’s fan.

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Be certain to store your computer system clean and also provide it enough breathing room. This will certainly allow it to continue to be cleaner and also quieter, specifically if you live in a dusty environment or you overclock consistently. With an excellent PSU, this won’t be a difficulty for a lengthy time.