I have actually an Alcatel onetouch fiercexl. All of a sudden my wifi and Metro PCS cellular information save turning off. It just stays on for a few minutes. If attempt to use any kind of application or go on the internet by the time I load it it states no internet connection. I usage my data if I"m not house and also wifi at house and they both save turning off. Is tright here anything I can perform about it?


I had actually the same trouble. slrfc.org Samsung S5. Wifi kept turning itself off. Very annoying. I had actually the smart netoccupational switch on or off...didn"t matter. I uncovered that I had the ATT Smart WiFi application enabled. I turned that off and also it fixed the difficulty.

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That absolutely must not occur. Couple of points to try:

Did you install / Do you use any type of routine that deserve to adjust these settings? Something like application for transforming the standing by your area or by time or by its profile. It can be some application that came reinstalled with your phone (do not know what was there)Is there more recent version of firmware for your phone? If so, think about upgrading. This could be radio ROM worry.As last retype on your side, you could try to perdevelop factory reset on your phone (but you LOSE ALL YOUR DATA) to view if the trouble persists after that.

If nopoint over helps you it could be hardware problem and you have to rerotate your phone for warranty repair.

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answered Nov 29 "16 at 8:08

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According to the Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL Manual, and a full manufacturing facility recollection it is feasible to recollection the web browser, cam and storage separately.

But before that, have actually you tried sindicate turning the phone off, waiting a tiny, then turning it on again?

If the suggestions by Aries fail, you will certainly probably have to attempt a Factory Recollection. (Alcatel need this before contacting them, check out the Troubleshooting section of the Manual.)

First save all your data:

Make a note of the email account and also password you provided as the phone"s first account.Under Settings->Personal there is an choice to backup the phone"s internal data to Google Servers (if you registered a Google account).Be aware that you will certainly have to ago up any type of papers, music or photos individually. Plugging your phone right into your computer system making use of a USB lead (the charging lead?) is one means of doing that.Make sure your emails are safe by checking you can access every one of them individually (on your computer system or from your email provider"s internet interface). If necessary, Forward them to your email account.Make a note of any kind of Apps you"ve downloaded from Windows Store. The Store need to have actually a document of any type of you have passist for. and will permit you to gain back them later on.

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Then carry out a Factory Reset from Settings->Personal->Back-up & Reset. Or, through the phone turned off, hold Volume Up and Power keys until the display lights up.

Finally, log in utilizing the original email and password, reclaim the settings from Google and also copy ago your music, photos and any kind of various other files.