About all that Ray Lewis have the right to carry out on a footsphere area without his elbow brace is his infamed battle dance. The brace can end up playing a large part in a huge sporting activities story. Yet somehow, little is recognized around this item of medical technology.

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The method Lewis was carried ago from what was the majority of likely a season-ending injury is a triumph of both the art and also science of sports medicine. Mark Smith, the Ravens" head athletic trainer, and also his staff not only preserved the chance of this happening open up with therapy, however their assessment of what would occupational once he obtained back on the field has been spot-on.

Lewis has actually endured 3 games playing at his usual high level while adding an emotional facet that cannot be quantified.

The brace itself is a tradition building, based off the newest modern technology from DonPleasure. The brace is designed to limit the selection of movement at which Lewis" triceps would certainly be the majority of taxed. This certain allude is likely established by sensible tests and the understanding of wright here Lewis" injury is.

Allowing Lewis to have some confidence that he won"t go as well far or put also a lot press on the injured area allows him to play typically. Lewis, even more than most, is an instinctual player that can not limit his output in-game.


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The variety of activity have the right to be set using an easy dial, allowing the clinical staff to store the arm inside a safe area at both extension and also flexion. For Lewis, it is at the excessive of expansion wright here his triceps is most at threat, so the brace is set to save him at about 15-20 degrees of flexion. Even though he can not quite straighten the arm completely, Lewis hasn"t displayed any kind of genuine restrictions on the area.

Lewis is not the only player to have actually this kind of brace save his seaboy.

Likely NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans wore a really equivalent brace during the season. The defensive end dissituated his elbow during training camp and the brace permitted him to play without having the elbow put at danger. By midseakid, Watt did not medically require the brace, however provided just how he was playing, it"s tough to blame him for maintaining it on.

The Miami Dolphins observed linebacker Karlos Dansby play much of the seaboy with a similar brace also. Dansby played through a torn biceps, the other muscle group of the top arm. His injury is basically the mirror picture of Lewis", and the brace was erected to limit the oppowebsite finish of the range-of-motion range. 

No brace can sell full defense. It rises the opportunities that a player will certainly not be injured, or more injured in circumstances favor Lewis".

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But a instance favor that of Robert Griffin III reminds us of the worst situation. In spite of a brace designed to defend Griffin"s injured LCL, the rookie quarterearlier better damaged his knee, spraining his ACL and necessitating surgical treatment. Griffin"s brace was designed to protect against a specific injury, and he had one more linked injury—something that"s difficult to predict. 

Braces may look medieval, but they are a case of feature over develop. Materials have actually readjusted, trying to add toughness and also alleviate weight concurrently. While braces are gaining better, Chad Snyder, an experienced on braces from St. Vincent"s Sports Performance in Indianapolis, acknowledged that many type of athletes still resist them.

"There are some sports where those athletes will not wear them bereason they feel it will limit their performance," Snyder explained. "Tright here is certainly a emotional component to it, however bracing does carry out assistance and borders vulnercapacity to a certain joint." 

The attention on media day may have concentrated on deer-antler spray, but it"s scientific research, tough job-related and a well-engineered piece of plastic and also metal that have Lewis playing in the Super Bowl.