1. Ion-dipole interaction – occurs in between an ion and also a polar covalent compound; strongest IMF

2.Hydrogen bonding– occurs in compounds where hydrogen is straight connected to an electronegative facet such as N, O, or F; second strongest IMF

3.Dipole-dipole interaction– occurs between 2 polar covalent compounds; third strongest IMF

4. Dispersion pressures – occurs in all compounds and also is the main IMF exhibited by nonpolar compounds; weakest IMF

Compounds via solid intermolecular pressures have high boiling points. This is because they requireeven more energyto have the ability to break the bonds in the time of the phase shift.

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So, we should recognize which among the given compounds has actually the strongest intermolecular forces.

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Why does hydrochloric acid have a higher boiling allude than diatomic fluorine?

a. The stabilizing impact of dipole interactions in hydrochloric acid is high.

b. Hydrochloric acid is a larger molecule.

c. Fluorine is a larger molecule.

d. Hydrochloric acid is polar whereas fluorine is non-polar.

e. Hydrochloric acid has actually high intermolecular forces whereas fluorine has actually low intermolecular forces.

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