5 Ways Dragon Ball & Dragon Quest Are Aprefer (& 5 Ways They're Completely Different) While Akira Toriyama"s Dragon Ball & Square Enix"s Dragon Quest share a good many kind of similarities, the iconic franchises perform differ in vital areas.

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Many type of anime and also video game series have left strong marks on audiences, turning themselves right into establishments fairly than passing fads. Two series that have actually excelled in this department are Dragon Ball and also Dragon Quest, which have ongoing their stories for years and still rotate out brand-new content to development the larger narratives of these universes.

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Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball have both made results in different means, but there’s a stselection sense of symmeattempt between these series. While it’s clear that similarities execute exist in between Dragon Ball and also Dragon Quest, many fans might not be conscious of exactly how deep that link goes.

Dragon Quest III Cast Goku Look-Alike Akira Toriyama Designs
The a lot of considerable similarity in between Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball is that Akira Toriyama is the character designer for both series. Sometimes artists deserve to depict radically various formats, but the casts of the Dragon Quest games look favor they’re pulled from out of Dragon Ball.

Tbelow are additionally countless sword-wielders that bear resemblances to Future Trunks. Toriyama additionally designed many type of of Dragon Quest’s monsters, which is also evident. Tright here are also dinosaurs that exist in both universes and also Toriyama’s influences and ideas bring over right into both series.

9 Different: One Started As A Manga & The Other As A Video Game

Dragon Ball Young Goku Rides Nimbus With Bulma Yamcha
The significant distinction in between both Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest, sindicate put, is that one is generally a video game series and the other is a manga and anime. Granted, the popularity of these series has led to these lines to blur.

There are Dragon Quest anime that pull from the games, as well as Dragon Ball video games that look to their resource product for incentive. Audiences may notification similarities in between the 2, but these are commonalities that created over time. The 2 started as entirely various creates of media, which has actually greatly continued to be true.

Dragon Balls Collected Together
Dragon Ball covers many territory over the course of its numerous series, yet a main idea is that people are looking to collect all seven Dragon Balls in the wishes of making an effective wish. Even as soon as Dragon Ball shifts its focus to combat, the Dragon Balls are never before forobtained.

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There’s a good deal of déjà vu that takes location in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, especially during a quest towards the finish of the game that needs the Speriods to find a really equivalent set of magical orbs.

7 Different: Dragon Quest Uses Magic & Spells Instead Of Ki

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero Fire Magic Attack
Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest both involve a fair bit of combat and also function characters who have actually significant powers who have the right to launch devastating energy assaults. Regardless of the similarities, these assaults are created through entirely different suggests.

Dragon Quest offers a magic mechanism for these one-of-a-kind abilities, whereas the characters in Dragon Ball exercise mastery over their Ki energy. It originates from within. Admittedly, the Dragon Ball universe has actually briefly looked at the use of magic, a lot of newly with the villain Moro’s skillset, but it’s never before somepoint that will certainly replace ki in the series.

Akira Toriyama’s job-related on both Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball periodically indicates that it have the right to be overlooked that the lead writer for the Dragon Quest series likewise came from Shonen Jump, just choose Toriyama.

Yuji Horii is the mastermind behind the stories in Dragon Quest and he operated as a freelance writer for Shonen Jump prior to he made the jump over to the video games market. As a result of this, Horii is well versed in the tropes of the shonen genre, so it’s not inexplicable for tright here to be some crossover in between the types of stories featured in both series.

5 Different: Dragon Quest Gamings Are Set In The Past

It deserve to be difficult to location a specific duration once it involves the timelines of series like Dragon Ball and also Dragon Quest, as they are both mainly anachronistic. It’s never before officially stated if Dragon Ball is collection throughout present times, yet a ton of progressed innovation is featured in the series that surpasses fact, such as time devices.

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However before, Dragon Quest seems to skew more towards the past. The series embraces its fantasy roots and showinstances an older, medieval people with modern technology that shows such a time duration.

The Dragon Quest series has actually been plugging alengthy for years currently and even though the majority of of the mechanics for the series reprimary unreadjusted via the many games, tbelow are still new concepts that have actually been introduced. The PlayStation 2’s Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King was a actual turning allude for the series considering that it presented Tension changes.

Tension functions an aura of malice that surrounds characters and also rises their toughness for their following assault. It’s tough to not think of Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan transformations considering that they both look very comparable and attribute equivalent results.

3 Different: Dragon Quest Does Not Tell A Serialized Solo Story

Another significant difference between Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball is the approach that they require to their storyinforming. Dragon Ball tells one massive story that starts via Goku as a boy and goes all the means right into him structure a family, who likewise mature. It never alters its perspective or narrative.

Dragon Quest, on the various other hand also, are all more or much less original stories that can be played in any kind of order. Dragon Quest I-III and Dragon Quest IV-VI are their own respective trilogies, but even though they’re collection in the same world through comparable facets, they are still greatly self-included.

Tbelow are a variety of similarities in between the personalities and also creatures in both Dragon Ball and also Dragon Quest, largely due to Akira Toriyama’s job-related on them. However before, many kind of don’t realize that these similarities go even better and personalities from Dragon Quest explicitly present up in Dragon Ball, albeit in tiny cameos.

The best examples of this are with exactly how numerous monsters from Dragon Quest are at a World Martial Arts Tournament and some heroes are also in the stands at the Other World Tournament. Even Fortune Teller Baba’s Gorganize represents the one in the initially Dragon Quest.

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1 Different: Dragon Quest"s Hero Is A Chosen One

Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball are both series that contain effective protagonists that fight off forces of evil to keep the earth safe, however they go around this from contrasting perspectives. Dragon Quest functions a protagonist billed as the legendary “Chosen One.”

His name even starts as “Hero,” which has carried over to his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Dragon Ball, on the other hand, is all around increasing to the occasion, regardless of the previous, and working to become a hero. It’s more of an underdog narrative wbelow anyone have the right to save the day.

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