You have the right to run at 30 FPS and make it look great. It simply takes a couple of tweaks. Learn which.

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Why 30 FPS Looks Better on Consoles

Your 30 FPS game looks wonderful on your Xbox or Playterminal, however attempt playing the same game on a PC at 30 FPS, and also it stutters. What gives?

Why does 30 FPS look better on consoles than PCs?

If you’re looking at a consingle 30 FPS vs. pc 30 FPS, you can think you’re comparing apples to apples.

In fact, in regards to preference, consoles and also PCs come cshed.

According to a survey, 52% of people choose to play via game consoles while 49% favor to usage their personal computers:

But in reality, there are distinctions between how your console and also your COMPUTER process the game.

Those differences can reason display screen tears, stutters, and also lags as soon as you’re playing on a COMPUTER, all points you wouldn’t endure on your console.

Luckily, you can do points to improve your PC gaming suffer, also with a 30 fFPS game.

This post answers the question, why does 30 FPS look better on consoles. It likewise talks about why designers make console games at 30 FPS, why that doesn’t work well via Computers, and also what you deserve to do around it.

Let’s get started:

Why Are Consingle Gamings Capped at 30 FPS?

Many gamers predicted the end of 30 FPS console video games with next-generation game consoles, but that has actually yet to occur.

Even though game developers this particular day often release 60 FPS games or higher, 30 FPS gaming is still a point, and it’s likely to be roughly for some time.

It’s a widespread misconception that console games are locked or capped at 30 FPS. Many of the time, they are sindicate set to run at 30 FPS.

Many kind of of the newest games have actually alternatives to boost the frames per second to 60 FPS. But 30 FPS stays a typical default establishing, and tbelow is a major reason for that.

Today’s Gaming Consoles

The latest gaming consoles have far more horsepower than their predecessors.

The chart listed below reflects the average hours per week civilization spend on playing with gaming consoles.

Around half of the respondents use a gaming console between one to ten hrs per week:

The Xbox Series X has actually over double the power of the Xbox One, for example. So it’s no wonder a lot of gamers assumed we’d have 60 FPS games as a traditional by now.

In reality, though, doubling the framework price will efficiently use up all the additional horsepower in today’s consoles. There’s nothing left for graphic fidelity. So, you would certainly gain a quicker framework rate but a reduced top quality photo as a whole.

And, given that TVs occasionally use post-handling tricks to develop a smoother display endure, 30 FPS doesn’t look all that poor on a TV monitor, which the majority of people use to play console games.

Now that you understand also why designers collection their games for 30 FPS, once gamers all know 60 FPS (or higher) is exceptional, let’s look at the initial question:

Why does 30 FPS look much better on a console than your PC?

Why 30 FPS Looks Good on Your Console

As mentioned above, many console gamers screen their games on TV display screens.

TVs have a couple of post-processing approaches to administer a smoother photo, techniques that computer monitors don’t use.

Your Television Screen

For one point, TVs make use of frame interpolation. That means your TV will certainly insert a frame if there’s as well huge of a gap between two existing frames.

Frame interpolation commonly creates a smoother photo, though it have the right to create a lag in some situations.

TVs may additionally use backlight blinking, which inserts a babsence frame between two frames to bridge any kind of gaps. Aobtain, this must aid create a smoother gaming endure than what you would certainly view on your TV.

Do note here; if you ever before suffer a lag on your console games, these settings might be to blame. New TVs often administer a gaming mode establishing that turns off structure interpolation and backlight blinking.

However, through a 30 FPS game, these post-processing tricks most likely aid the game experience rather than hurt it.

Console Optimization

On peak of your TV’s post-handling approaches, game consoles’ developers optimize them to save a 30 FPS rate.

A COMPUTER monitor might have worries through that, yet it counts on your refresh price.

Refresh rates describe how many times your monitor have the right to redraw the screen in one second, and it’s measured in Hz.

So if you have actually a 60 Hz monitor, it will refresh at the exact same price a 60 FPS game generates frames.

When refresh prices don’t enhance the frames per second, it have the right to reason display tears, jitters, and also framework pacing concerns that sometimes make the game unplayable.

Luckily, tbelow are methods to solve the problem.

How to Make 30 FPS Look Smooth on a PC

At this allude, you’re more than likely wondering how to make 30 FPS smooth on a COMPUTER. So tbelow are ways to fix the difficulty, yet what are they?

Not to worry, it’s extended step by action listed below.

Before you acquire your really hopes up, though, you should recognize that while tright here are measures you deserve to take to smooth out your 30 FPS game for PC play, 30 FPS is what it is. It’s never going to look as excellent as a 60 FPS or higher game.

With that caveat out of the method, let’s look right into some actionable measures.

Frame Pacing

Frame pacing describes the price at which frames appear. Think of it favor this. Two children are walking down a sidewalk. One child takes ten also steps.

The various other takes the very same ten steps, but steps two via 4 she runs, and also procedures eight and nine she crawls.

If you haven’t currently guessed, the initially child’s actions are an instance of perfect frame pacing. The second child’s measures are an example of inconsistent frame pacing.

If the rate in between frames in your game is incontinuous, no amount of tweaks on your PC or within game settings are going to remove jitters and stutters.

So, action one is to downpack RTSS or Rivatuner Statistics Server.

RTSS is a totally free downfill that helps finetune framework pacing. You’ll view gamers recommend it all over the internet, and it’s not a bad alternative. After all, it’s totally free, and also it functions.

Syncing Refresh and Frame Rates

If you’ve been reasoning that syncing your game’s structure price and your monitor’s refresh price might be the right solution to display screen tears and stutters, you’re not wrong. Tright here are a couple of means to make that occur.


You could attempt VSync, which represents Vertical Synchronization. It efficiently synchronizes your frame rate and your monitor’s refresh rate.

However, VSync functions ideal once your game is outpacing your monitor’s refresh rate, not the other means about.

So in the instance of a 30 FPS game played on a 60 Hz monitor, VSync most likely won’t assist and also may make things worse.

Scanline Sync

The much better alternative to VSync may be Scanline Sync.

Scanline Sync works in partnership through RTSS and also reduces input lags common to VSync. But, it additionally is said for those who have actually a game that’s outpacing their monitor’s refresh rate, not the other means roughly.

Half Refresh VSync

Half Refresh VSync is yet an additional form of VSync. It will synchronize your GPU through your monitor, also, yet in different ways.

Your GPU will develop frames in twice the time it takes for your display screen to refresh. It might be the ideal option for a low frameprice game, but it’s not perfect.

At this suggest, you might be curious; do consoles usage VSync? It seems choose they must, right?

And the answer is yes. Xbox One and PS4 both use a type of VSync dubbed adaptive VSync. It pressures your monitor to refresh just as soon as your GPU is all set, producing what have to be seamless sync.

Lock the Frame Rate

If syncing doesn’t aid, understanding just how to lock pc games at 30 FPS might resolve your gaming troubles. It will essentially pressure your monitor’s refresh rate to slow-moving dvery own, type of like the fifty percent refresh VSync choice.

You deserve to lock the frameprice in your graphic card’s settings. Simply open up the global settings food selection and also pick “max structure rate.” Then pick 30 FPS and also hit apply.

Keep in mind that this will override in-game settings.

How to Get Used to 30 FPS

Does 30 FPS bother you?

It’s understandable. Even taking measures to soptimal lags and stutters won’t adjust the fact that 30 FPS isn’t as excellent as 60 FPS or more.

Unfortunately, it’s most likely going to be approximately for a while. So here’s what you deserve to carry out.

Play More Detailed, Fast-Paced Games on Consoles

Fast-paced activity games choose first-perkid shooter games will make 30 FPS exceptionally noticeable on a COMPUTER. By playing games prefer that on a consingle rather, you’ll probably have actually a much better gaming suffer.

Play Sreduced, Linera Gamings on Your PC

Sreduced games paced games, though, generally won’t have concerns at 30 FPS, even when you play them on a COMPUTER.

The very same goes for linear games. Those are games that don’t have actually the majority of background visuals.

If you’re playing Zelda, for example, your eye is everywhere the area. You’re looking the screen for routes and also objects.

A racing game, though, doesn’t require you to save a comprehensive array of vision. So also if tbelow are slight jitters or tears, you could not notice them.

So does that mean buying a consingle or switching out your favorite games? Maybe, yet in many instances, it’s worth the conserved frustrations.

Playing games that stutter puts us in a poor mood, and also if you’re reading this, you most likely feel the exact same means.

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Below are the top premium COMPUTER and also consingle video games global. Cevery one of Duty: Modern Warfare leads the ranks at 1,913 million UNITED STATE dollars in revenue!


For the best gaming endure playing 30 FPS games, a consingle is the method to go.

Luckily, game designers are pushing for even more and also more 60 FPS and over games. That means inevitably, you won’t need to attend to negative PC game top quality.