Orientation Leaders 

New Student Programs is in search of enthusiastic, passionate and also thrust student leaders willing to be a source of assistance and indevelopment for brand-new initially year and also transport students throughout New Seawolf Welcome Week.

Orientation Leaders (OLs) play an integral duty in the execution of all New Seawolf Welcome Week programs and also efforts for new students and family members members entering Stony Brook College. The Orientation Leader team is consisted of of self-motivated and also driven members that work-related straight via the expert staff, fellow students and also administrators throughout campus.

As an OL you will certainly be challenged to think critically around the shift experience for new students and their family members. You will certainly be functioning among a team of dedicated student leaders to assistance the New Student Experience.



Support the change of brand-new students, households and also their guests to Stony Brook College throughout New Seawolf Welcome Week

OLs help with:

Leading little group discussions with new students  Assisting in the preparation of orientation activities and materials Explaining involvment opportunities and also actions Acquainting new students through campus services and building places by conducting campus tours


What We Look For We are trying to find a varied group of enthusiastic, passionate and moved undergraduate students that carry a unique skill-set!

Below are the foundational characteristics we suppose candidays to additionally carry to this position:

Desire to aid brand-new students in their change to Stony Brook Desire to be a leader and role-model, consisting of on-campus, online and in the neighborhood Flexibility and also adaptcapability Hopeful mindset Ability to occupational through varied students, paleas, faculty, and also staff Punctual and also trusted Team player Strong interaction abilities Good scholastic and also disciplinary standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5) Campus or community involvement (i.e. service, extra-curricular tasks, etc.)


What You Can Gain

Our Orientation Leaders:

Play a substantial duty in the experience of new students beginning at Stony Brook University Grow, learn and boost interpersonal and also management abilities Meet and netoccupational via faculty, staff, and also peers that often result in various other opportunities on campus Increase Stony Brook College knowledge Develop excellent friendships Residential OLs will move in beforehand. Meals during in perkid orientation training and also sessions New Student Programs and also Orientation Leader Apparel and also Swag This is a volunteer position yet we will administer Wolfie Wallet to our staff upon completion of all New Seawolf Welcome Week shifts Opportunity to participate in year-round social and also experienced tasks through the Office of New Student Programs


Time Commitment

The Orientation Leader volunteer position term is August 1 to 31, 2021.

Orientation Leader virtual training starts in at an early stage August and also in perboy training August 12. Training is offered and mandatory for all Orientation Leaders. Orientation Leaders work throughout New Seawolf Welcome, August 15 through 22.

Application & Selection Process  

The Orientation Leader Application is open!


You must review with the OL Position Description to access the application. Applications are due Monday, June 28, 2021 at 12pm (ET). Late applications will not be accepted; incomplete applications will not be thought about.

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You will certainly be invited on June 28th in between 1pm and also 5pm (ET), after submitting your application to submit a video interwatch so that we have the right to get to understand you better! Please check out with the invitation thoaround.

OL Interest

If you are interested in the OL position for Summer 2022 and past, please finish our interest create here!